Jane Zdravevski
- Umren -

YouTuber, Streamer, Blogger, Entertainer, Freelancer

Jane Umren Zdravevski


2015 - Present

YouTuber, Streamer, Blogger

Started out of fun, but dedicated, with the intent of helping people around the world. Unintentionally I have built a brand, that have been greatly supported by the community and I  Love it!

2013 - present

Entrepreneur + Freelancer

I have always been searching for the right ideas and opportunities that can develop further my experience & knowledge. Even with hands-full of work, challenge is the code I live by.

2008 - 2013

Internet Marketer

In those 4-5 years, I have built numerous websites, landing pages, email campaigns, product pitches, and lots more, with the intent of making traffic conversion & advertising affiliate offers.

About Me

People say I am weird. I don’t trust them, to be honest. I think they are weird, I am fine. I don’t trust people when they say I am not good enough, or “It can’t be done”. I tend to prove them otherwise, most of the time. I have beard too. You like me, yet?



Google + YouTube. Everything else.


University. High Voltage Electronics.


High School. Low Voltage Electronics


Video Editing (Premiere + After Effects) 89%
Photo Editing (Paint + Photoshop) 61%
Audio Editing + Voice Acting 71%
2D/3D Animaion + Modeling 56%
WordPress + Web Design 81%


Awesome Running Shop – For People That Run!

Need Premium Watch on Discount?

Book Store and Reviews.

Social Media


Wanna be Part of the Creation Process? Chat with Amazing Fellas? Be Part of Community? This is our HUB.


Get in Touch or Read Everything about the Stream, YouTube, Blog, Life Stuffs, etc. We Got Discord too!


My Primary YouTube Channel where I post mostly World of Warcraft stuffs. I do have IRL channel too!

WoW Classic & Retail News!

Guess that NPC: Classic Edition ft Fragnance, Kush, Viklund, & Naowh

Today’s Classic video is a bit lighthearted–Guess that NPC: Classic Edition featuring Fragnance, Naowh, Kush & Viklund of Method. In this video, the contestants answer questions about Classic, using information taken from Classic Wowhead. You can learn more about…

July 15th Hotfixes for Patch 8.2 – Nazjatar Followers, Queen's Court

BlizzardAchievements Fixed a bug that prevented Guild groups who complete Operation: Mechagon from properly earning Operation: Mechagon Guild Run.Creatures and NPCs Nazjatar followers now respawn if the player drowns after activating stealth. Reduced the damage of Unleashed Arcanofiend’s Proximal…

Azerite Gear from the PvP Weekly Cache Clarifications

Blizzard has clarified that a 2100 rating in Arena or Rated Battlegrounds is required for ilvl 445 Azerite Gear from the weekly PvP cache. They have also updated their corresponding support article with the updated ilvl information. A 2100…
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