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About Me
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Who Am I?

My Name is Jane Zdravevski. People Know me as Umren or UmrenTV.  I am full-time StreamerYouTuber and Blogger. I love what I do, I am passionate about it, and I give 106.9% of Myself to constantly Improve, Grow our Community, and Provide as Better Content and Entertainment as I can.
I very much enjoying doing the Challenges that Community suggests me, and I do them often. Because of that, some people consider me as not human being. I deny that fact with the ability to Solve all the Captchas on Internet and all the “Prove you are Human” riddles.
I hope that you Like me already… if you don’t then f…. Uhm.. well read what my abilities are, and you will!

  • I am Born with a Hat.
  • I am Brofisting the Community Constantly.
  • I am Stronger than Your Dad.
  • I Can Predict the Past.
  • I Can Definitely say Something on Your Language.

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Jane Zdravevski - Umren
Jane Zdravevski - UmrenStreamer, YouTuber, Blogger

History of Umren

I’ve started playing on Official 3-4 Months after First Release, played on Private servers before that, since the beginning. I have multiple PvP Titles (My Current Skill Level is not more than 2400 Rating in WOD), Lots of World of Warcraft Gold Challenges records, Leveling Records, Reputations as well. Most of my Records are known to those who were watching my Stream since the beginning, some of them are documented on YouTube as guides / tutorials / challenges. This is my Primary Game and I will always stick to it… no matter what! FOR AZEROTH!
I have been playing League of Legends for the past 4 years, I’ve reached Diamond 3 once, couple Platinums, and currently I am keeping my active account on Gold 5 or 4 just to get the skins on Season End. I said “active account” because I’ve been banned couple times, because I was giving my friend to play around with my account. I was Diamond in 3v3 and Platinum in 5v5 team plays. I’ve never pushed myself over the Limits to try for more, I probably had no time. I am willing to, if serious and hardcore teammates will appear. Right now I am on iddle with LOL, but I play occasionally and when I do… I mute other 9 players by default. Reasons are well known.
I am playing occasionally couple other Games like Heartstone, Overwatch, Starcraft, Dota, Blade & Soul, etc.

  • Heartstone I’ve reached rank 10 (i think) by playing only 1 deck: “Murlocl-Warlock” and it became Monothonic for me so I kinda paused.
  • Blade & Soul is amazing game, but I had no time for the end game (too much farming for upgrades).
  • Dota 1 I was top ranked Meepo / Invoker player like at 2009, 2010 or something, on ICCup, but since Dota 2 came.. it’s kinda boring and repetitive, no new champs, no new stuff… Dota 1 was a lot different, and I am on pause with it as well.
  • Overwatch is New Game, and I have really big faith in it… I’ve played lots of hours on Beta, and some on Live… did lots of Play of the Game, saved the Game on my own lots of times, lots the game lots of time as well… but until Competitive is out, there is no challenge there for me so I am just gonna chill with these games 😉
  • I play & try lots of other games, because I love doing that. But I can hardly find time, with all that is currently happening with my main Game, and with my obligations, so I am trying to keep my head as cool as I can.
I will mainly focus on World of Warcraft, when it comes to Content Creation, with at least 3-5 Videos / Week and 5+ hours of Stream / day.
I am trying to not be late, and finish my obligations on time, but since I am human being (or so they say), some extreme things might happen that can disrupt my normal rhythm, but I give 100,69% of myself to avoid those situations.
I am planning to switch and test other games, so I have enough knowledge to give proper suggestion and opinion to the community when question is being asked to me.