How To Get the RIGHT 300 iLvL Azerite Pieces as BFA Twink!

How to Get Azerite Pieces to 300 iLvL for my Battle for Azeroth Twink, and how to decide which are the Right Ones?

This is the Most Popular Question on Discord, Twitch, YouTube, etc, and I promised in our FULL GUIDE for Twinking in BFA that I will answer it!

In this Blog Post and Video Below, I will explain you exactly that!

So Lets see How to get The Best Gear for your Twink, without doing mistakes. Follow this guide is Step 1.

Before we Start, here is the Video that I’ve made, explaining the very same stuff from below, for people that prefer watching, over reading:
How To Get the RIGHT 300 iLvL Azerite Pieces as BFA Twink! – #ON32x d.2

The other Steps are following:

Find which Azerite Traits you want to run with, and sort them by priority.
Good Resources for Researching this matter are websites like Bloodmallet, or Icy Veins, or similar, BUT the best results are made by asking people that have twink of that type, which traits they went for and what they think it works / doesn’t work.
Some place to ask such questions can be our Discord, or twink forums, or ask me directly (I got 6 twinks as of the Date of this post, working on all of them), I might be able to help too.

After you found out which Traits are good for your Twink, Write them in Notepad (or paper even better). Trust. You’ll see why later. The Fun Part:

  • Scroll down until you find your Armor Type and Faction from the List, as shown in the video below, or this picture:
  • Press mouse middle click (scroll wheel) on all of the Head Pieces from the Expanded list to open them all in new tabs in your Browser. It should redirect you to
  • Expand the traits from WoWhead from each of these pieces and find which traits they got, similar to what I’ve done on the video, or the picture below:
  • Find all of the pieces that have the traits that you need, and close all the rest of the WoWhead Browser tabs that you don’t need.
  • Now below the traits you wrote before in Notepad, or paper, write down all the pieces that has those traits.
  • Now head back to the XPoff post, and see what questline exactly, those pieces are obtained from. Like this:
  • Then write which parts of the zones drop each item in the Notepad from before. Like So:

Great Job, up till here. Before we continue with Best Azerite Traits decision, I need to say something, to better understand eachother.

The following is VERY IMPORTANT, so read carefully.

In order to obtain 300 iLvL Azerite Pieces, you need to obtain 4 Azerite pieces, that are 280 iLvL, then the rest of the quest rewards will get transformed into 300 iLvL Azerite Pieces.

So lets do the math. You have 3 zones: Nazmir/Voldun/Zuldazar for Horde, and Tirgarge/Stormsong/Drustvar for Alliance.
Each of those zones gives you 2 Azerite pieces per Zone, as rewards for completing the MAIN storyline quests.
That means that you have total of 6 rewards from the 3 Zones.
Plus you have 1 from Warcampaign. You finish the foothold quest, you get azerite piece. Not Hard.

Now the Math:

You have to obtain 4 Azerite pieces from Quest Rewards (Including WarCampaign), out of 7 total, in order to transform the last 3 pieces to 300iLvL.

Why is this Important?

Because, if you don’t pre-define, as we did before, which traits you need, and then find which pieces of the questlines have those traits, and then leave the last 3 pieces that give u the good trait to be last… you will NEVER be able to obtain 300iLvL pieces with the right traits, EVER again.

Oh btw, I didn’t mentioned theSea Scrolls helmet, because that is ALWAYS 300 iLvL and it’s not counted in those 7 pieces. So that is complete BONUS to everything. If it fills a nice trait gap, SUPER! If not, fk it 😀

With that being said… Lets move on.

  • Now lets create a path of questing so we obtain the Right Azerite Pieces on 300iLvL, from what we got above.
  • Lets elaborate on this image. 

As you can see, in the Notepad, I have designed 2 paths that we can follow, based on where we can obtain the Azerite items from, with the traits I need.

COMBO1 is Tirgarde1, Stormsong2, and Warcampaign.

So why this Combo doesn’t work, so I had to make new one? Well, everything looks super on paper right? But when you try to build a questing path, so you get those pieces, it doesn’t work. Here is why:
I need to first obtain random 4 pieces from quests, so last 3 are 300iLvL, that is the rule.
Knowing that, if I go do Drustvar1 and Drustvar2, I will obtain 2 pieces.
Then I can go Stormsong1, without Stormsong2, it’s cool. So far 3 pieces right?
Now in order to start getting 300 iLvL pieces, I need to obtain 1 more, excluding the one from Sea Scrolls right? Because that one doesn’t count.
If I go Tirgarde1, I will lose the helmet then.
If I go Stormsong2, I will lose the chest.
If I do WarCampagn I lose shoulder.
There is NO WAY OUT!

Well my bros… in these kinds of situations you’ll find urself quite often, if you are altwinkoholic like me.
BUT, that is why we have created a COMBO2.
You always MUST use all the pieces that are at your disposal when you make questing path.
You see I turned the items around with the COMBO2 and it worked for me, to get 3 Azerite PIeces on 300 iLvL with the BiS stats for this scenario.

BUT, it won’t work always. You have to find a way around it.
One of those ways will be, setting up a Second Priority Trait, as I’ve mentioned above with the Notepad.

Wherever you can’t get First Prio Trait you go for the Second Prio Trait.

If the trait you are looking for, is the definitely the one that you WANT on all of your pieces, stacked to 3, simply does not exist in the questing rewards… then Next Step is to check Rares and Dungeons that you can go in, that might drop piece with that trait on 280 iLvL.

That has been all for this Blog Post guys.  Now it’s Your Turn!

Comment your Opinion below, and ask for questions if you have any. I would like to hear ur feedback and what additions you might need.

Meanwhile I will chill on our Discord, and wait for some of your feedback below, or in the video comments! 😀

Thanks to all of the support and ideas from Twitch and Patreon, and hope to see more coming in future!

Until tomorrow,

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