FULL GUIDE: How to Be INSANE Twink in BFA in 21 Steps!

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In this Post I will show you EXACTLY the way of becoming STRONG twink in 21 STEPS in Battle for Azeroth.

I promise you, if you do everything correctly, this twink of yours… will either beat level 120 in duels and make them cry for their mommy, or can boost your friends or customers in Dungeons or Island Expeditions for NICE amount of gold, or Farm Content in BFA for Gold with Professions / Mob Farming / BOE / etc…

So Why I do this?
Well I got BFA Gift from Kojiko from our Discord, so I can be on US region as well, making raids and stuff! SO YAY for that! and Thanks to Kojiko!
Also I got my New Hunter there using the Boost I got from BFA, and I have to make him twink. SO I felt like:

  • Yo I am doing this for 6th time in past month or so, I know the shortcuts, I know da wae. Why not sharing them with ma BROS?

I promise for each of these steps I will make either separate video or blog post, getting more into details but for now…
 Here we are, with the 21 steps to GOD TWINK:

  1. Level to 110.
  2. Stop Your Experience gains in WOW.
  3. Get artifact for the specs you twink
  4. Do the class campaign to the point where you open Order campaign upgrades, for your second legendary.
  5. Do part of Legionfall Campaign until you open World Quests
  6.  Do Argus campaign until you open the quest for the free legendary.
  7.  Do the 3 Emissaries on Start for Wakening Essence
  8.  Do Daily Legion Heroic Dungeon for Wakening Essence
  9.  Win a BG for Wakening Essence
  10.  Clear the map from World Quests that give Wakening Essence.
  11. Find which traits are best for your Twink, What is BIS Gear for your Twink with those Azerite Traits & Decide which zone you have to do first, second, third, and when to do WarCampaign quest.
  12. Do the BFA prequest for Boralus or Zuldazar – remember that you can skip the campaign if you’ve done it already.
  13. Complete the BFA zones/quests as fast as possible, get your Azerite Pieces with the right Traits.
  14. Do the Island Expedition for the World Quest that gives u 600 azerite power. It Gets you closer to the next traits.
  15. Now the Hard Part. Do Mythic Antorus. It’s best to create your own group, but if you got nice gear u might get into someone’s grp too… like mine! 😀 More talk on this in the Video Below. GET YOUR SEALS FOR BONUS LOOT BEFORE MYTHIC!
  16. Do Heroic Antorus too.
  17.  After done with all that, if u still missing some relics for your weapon, you can go and do the Argus quests for Invasions, and Pristine Argunite. 650 Veiled Argunite buys you a 192 iLvL relic that can titanforge up to 225 if I am not wrong.
  18. Clear World quests with Wakening Essence every day & Do daily Heroic, BG, and emissary for Wakening Essence.
  19. Do Weekly Heroic Antorus & Mythic Antorus for Wakening Essence, upgrades, legendaries, titanforges & Argus Trinket.
  20. Meanwhile do Island Expeditions for routes training, mobs training, personal training, azerite power for your neck, coz you
    get iLvLs and shit, and also it’s nice time filler while waiting for daily, weekly CD’s.
  21. Meanwhile, pickup your Legion Bonus Loot Seals (Seal of the Broken Fate), every week on your Alts/Mains too, because if you go and roll them on some random Legion content and u don’t get anything, you get 150 Wakening Essence. What you can do with it? Scroll a bit down, or watch the video 😀

W A L L A ! ! !

Bonus Tips:

  • 1000 Wakening Essence = 1 Legendary of your Choice from the Vendor in Dalaran. You Can use them for up to 2h and return them.
  • You can farm 1000 Wakening Essence on your Alts / Mains and send Random Legendary to your Alt (It’s Account Bound)

Extra Activities for Spending Time & Having Fun:

  • While you are doing Class Campaign, you can spend some time into learning the lore of your class and get yourself the class mount.
  • You can also get some reps up, for the Class Outfit from your Order Hall as Transmog.
  • Obtain some extra achievments for the Artifact Appearances.

Suggest me MORE STUFS and I will add them as Extra Step, Bonus Tip, or Things You Can Do!
I will put all of this stuff in our Blog on Umren.TV, where you can bookmark it and use it like a To-Do, and I will hyperlink
all the separate guides I will do for your convenience in the list. So you can click around to get in detail.

If you need direct help and Answers we got Lovely Discord channel dedicated for Twinking and Boosting at https://discord.gg/umrentv

If you need more info, Check the Video on How to Become POWERFUL 110 TWINK in BFA in 21 STEPS! [EASY Guide That WORKS] Here:

Cheerio, and All the Best till Next Time!

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