The Crazy Christmas #ON32x Challenge has Begun! IS IT POSSIBLE?!

I am messed up. I know. 😀
This is how we fix it.

I know that you might like Elephants, but some people don’t.
Lets discuss the Elephant in the Room then.

What is #ON32x Challenge?

I thought u’ll never ask. Well it, pretty much, consists of the following.
In 32 Days I have to do, without exception, in the same time, the following:

  • Wake Ups – no snooze.
  • 32 Days Meditate
  • 32 Streams
  • 32 Blog Posts 
  • 32 Videos
  • 32 Days Clean the room every day – KEEP IT CLEAN!
  • 32 Days Stop Smoking
  • 32 Walks for 1 hour.
  • 32 Days study at least 1h – 1.5h
  • 32 Workout at least once (For me it’s Twice, coz hardcore rite?)
  • 32 Days Intermittent Fasting + Eat Healthy
  • 32 Sleep Regularly (at the exact same time)

Why I do dis?!

Well, I have never been fan of schedules, or pre-dictated stuff… I am more of a randomness fan.
BUT, I have been overloaded with plans, ideas, work, etc… so I couldn’t keep up. I have lots of video ideas, blog posts ideas, stream hype… but couldn’t keep up.
So I got challenged by some people on stream and IRL, “You are not that kind of guy bro, you can’t do it” … so I felt like… LETS DO IT.

Also I have promised you for all of the steps of the How to Become Powerful Twink in 21 Steps to make a separate guide in detail, so this is perfect!

I love challenges in life… and I have done many, failed few.
This one might be one of the most beneficial for me. Either way, we’ll have to see!

Can I follow along?

That is the whole idea!
I make something crazy like this, that might, or might not, change my life for better, and by showing u my results, I might motivate you to do it as well!

But How can I track what you do?

I have made a SpreadShit ofcourse. Here: 

#ON32x Schedule SpreadShit (It Opens in New Tab)

Video is Coming Later Today.

I will also post some Before/After stuff when I am editing the video, I have to cut some stuffs too!
Also in the spreadshit I will Hyperlink all the videos, blogs, streams, etc, so u can follow along, as well!

Until tomorrow,


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