The Crazy Christmas #ON32x Challenge has Begun! IS IT POSSIBLE?!

Update: Since I had to postpone couple days with the stream, coz of my father surgery and router going out on smoke, we’ll postpone this schedule for after the holidays some day. Stay Tuned.

I know that you might like Elephants, but some people don’t.
Lets discuss the Elephant in the Room then.

What is #ON32x Challenge?

I thought u’ll never ask. Well it, pretty much, consists of the following.
In 32 Days I have to do, without exception, in the same time, the following:

  • Wake Ups – no snooze.
  • 32 Days Meditate
  • 32 Streams
  • 32 Blog Posts 
  • 32 Videos
  • 32 Days Clean the room every day – KEEP IT CLEAN!
  • 32 Days Stop Smoking
  • 32 Walks for 1 hour.
  • 32 Days study at least 1h – 1.5h
  • 32 Workout at least once (For me it’s Twice, coz hardcore rite?)
  • 32 Days Intermittent Fasting + Eat Healthy
  • 32 Sleep Regularly (at the exact same time)

Why I do dis?!

Well, I have never been fan of schedules, or pre-dictated stuff… I am more of a randomness fan.
BUT, I have been overloaded with plans, ideas, work, etc… so I couldn’t keep up. I have lots of video ideas, blog posts ideas, stream hype… but couldn’t keep up.
So I got challenged by some people on stream and IRL, “You are not that kind of guy bro, you can’t do it” … so I felt like… LETS DO IT.

Also I have promised you for all of the steps of the How to Become Powerful Twink in 21 Steps to make a separate guide in detail, so this is perfect!

I love challenges in life… and I have done many, failed few.
This one might be one of the most beneficial for me. Either way, we’ll have to see!

Can I follow along?

That is the whole idea!
I make something crazy like this, that might, or might not, change my life for better, and by showing u my results, I might motivate you to do it as well!

But How can I track what you do?

I have made a SpreadShit ofcourse. Here: 

#ON32x Schedule SpreadShit (It Opens in New Tab)

Video is Coming Later Today.

I will also post some Before/After stuff when I am editing the video, I have to cut some stuffs too!
Also in the spreadshit I will Hyperlink all the videos, blogs, streams, etc, so u can follow along, as well!

Until tomorrow,


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