#EnableTwinking – Open Content for Twinks!

Disclaimer: This might be a longer wall of text, so beware. You have been warned.

Most of the people might not know what Twinking is. It’s okay, let me give u quick TLDR:

Twink is a character that stops the experience at certain level bracket, in order to maximize the gear, consumables, enchants, to the highest potential, in order to gain significant advantage over the content for that bracket.

But Twinking is not just character, or activity. It’s active part of the game.

  • It affects PvP, PvE, Farming, World Content and much more.
  • To make a good Twink, One has to spend SIGNIFICANT amount of time and/or gold, but mostly both.
  • It is content that players are creating out of the places that there is no content.
  • It’s is self-sustainable, and very entertaining for those who want to get into it.
  • It is helpful for end-game players and game generally, because where Big Boiz can’t finish the job, Twinks are coming in.


Back 2-3 expansions ago, we had lots of more things to do. Ever since certain changes in Blizzard, as a company, the content that was there, and did no harm to anyone, Blizzard started cutting it out.
Maybe to save on costs, maybe they thought no one needed it. No clue.

One good Example of content like that would be Ranked Queues in Arena.
I have no idea who minded the Arena Ranked system, but it destroyed good portion of the fun and content for Twinks.

I was personally affected by it, because I had 2150+ rating as level 70 Rogue Twink, back in days. It was VERY fun. I leveled this guy 3 days ago to 110.

world of warcraft 70 twink 2100 arena rating bfa

We had to organize a queue time with the community on forums and stuff, so we gather around to queue in same time, and get constant 30s queue time. We were competing with each other, hang out, creating relationships.

I wasn’t playing in a clusterfk like now. You created different brackets of twinking community and u stick together. You know you are not many.

Why I say ClusterFk? I will explain later.

But even now, I personally know dozens of people that came into the game, just with the intent of twinking, and lots of more who are JUST paying the game to be twinking and nothing else.
It is fun. But Blizzard is making it NOT fun.

As soon as players find a way to obtain some advantage, gear, or content for twinks, Blizzard is cutting it short.
Why that happens in the past 2-3 expansions, I don’t know.
But it’s fair to allow people to create engaging content by themselves, at least, if you are not capable of creating it.

If you can’t help, at least don’t un-help.

The only thing that players ask from Blizzard is to NOT disable the content that is there already.

It requires no additional maintainance, no balance, no tuning, no updates, nothing.

What I suggest is the following (with explanation):

  • Enable Ranked Queues for Twinks. (It allows people to stick around, play FOR something, have a way to compete to each other, and creates extreme fun)
  • Enable Ranked Battlegrounds. (Why not? It is always hilarious to see 10vs10 twinks in a BG, overtuned as hell, fighting for the flag. It will be a bloodbath, but it will be super fun!)
  • Enable M+ in the dungeons. (Why the hell not? Lets take 110 twinks now. Yes Legion normal geared char had 15-20k HP, twink has 40-60k. There will be case where +40 will be done maybe as twinks. But it’s content. It’s fun. Takes time, Takes Effort, Gives Fun. I like it.)
  • Enable World Quests ! (jk)

Those are couple examples to start off.


It doesn’t. Literally just flick the switch and turn it ON.
Maybe some more RAM tho.

Some will say: “Oh it’s not that simple. You know how much coding it requires? You know what balance issues can happen? And then Twinks will boost people in dungeons and IE’s, and stuff… it’s BAD!

  • First I know, it’s NOT just a switch, it was a metaphor.

In my opinion, If you have thousands of people paying the game, just with the intent of twinking, I think it’s worth to pay a coder or two, to blow the dust from some old code and make it happen again.

  • Second. Balance issues. PFFFfff.. Who cares?!

Demon Hunters are a bit more OP. It doesn’t matter!
Let them be 5 Demon Huntes in M+. Let us SEE what they can do.
but, but, they can clear +60!” … srsly?

You telling me that:

  • 5 crazy fellas will gather around,
  • go into M+
  • clear 40 times the same dungeon to get to +60
  • while getting some rewards
  • and having fun
  • & creating content out of nothing,

And that is a bad thing?

Doing 90 World Quests a day, because you are literally FORCED to do, is fun, but this is somehow bad?

  • Then the “Boosting Issue“.

Yes, Twinks can boost your alts if you need it. Why we would like that?
Because to level 10 alts, is boooorrriiingggg.. and sometimes you would wish that there was a guy you can pay, just so you can get done with that. That is where Twinks come in.
I see a lot of people complaining about Twinks and their boosting, yet, I have personally sold hundreds of boost in about 2 months. People like that. It’s convenient.

You see what I am saying?

There is not a single bad thing about it, lots of great opportunities and benefits for the players and for Blizzard, yet it is Disabled.

  • My question is WHY?

If you want to determine whether something is working, you run the calculations, put it on a test, measure the results, compare numbers, and decide.

And then, If it works for 110, then why not enable it for 100? or 90? or 85?

Let people get back into the old content, stop the experience, twink up a char and play around that content. Win BG’s. Compete in Ranked Arenas. Go Crazy in M+. Right?

I AM SURE that many people that have stopped playing with BFA:

  • will come back to try the new change,
  • get back to WOTLK dungeons,
  • find them difficult and stick around until they clear out.
  • Then get hooked at “WHAT LIES BEYOND”, and stick around.
  • Find a community,
  • find friends, go crazy.
  • Tell their IRL friends about the new stuff that WoW made, and get them in.
  • Use RAF. (Give them 300% back as reward. Let them get there as soon as Possible.)
  • Finish M+70.
  • Clear the Mythic Raids.

Oh, you know what? I like to try how this works for Cata. Lets get new char up, and go levelup to 85, and twink up. 
Let people have fun, Let people compete with each other!

This will affect end-game content and community VERY BAD!

No. Let me tell you why:

  • At first, when you see the numbers, they’ll be scary.
  • You’ll see that many people will jump off their 120’s and go Twink into TBC or WOTLK bracket, or something, and do some competitive stuff, earn the rewards, and get the fun.
  • 120 World will start lacking of players because some people will find that extremely fun and quit their 120’s guilds and stuff.

“BUT THAT IS BAD!”No. let me tell you why:
People will unite more, and work together more. –“That doesn’t make sense.”
Doesn’t it? – With all this illusion of freedom that Blizzard gives the players, currently people are becoming very PICKY and IGNORANT.

This is where the Clusterfk I was talking about before, begins.


  • Creating a group for Heroic Uldir, asking for Mythic Uldir achievment.
  • Creating +7 group for M+, asking +15 done on time and Mythic Gear.

It’s exaggeration I know. But that is not because people are becoming more stupid. It because The System is Forcing Them.
If 120’s are becoming a bit more scarce, and those “leaders” are still keeping the selection same, they will never fill out a group.

Another case. The leavers.

2 Wipes = Leave the raid. You’ve heard that, come on. That won’t be a case anymore. Not as many 120’s.. Not as many raids…
You know why they leave?“Lol this tank is an idiot. Fk this I go find another raid”. You see?

What if you go out there and it’s 3 raids in the LFG, and u left all of them already?

You need to put the index finger on the forehead and think: “Yo, I need to reform myself, un-tilt, start to think. I need more patience. I need to persist through couple more wipes. If i managed to stay for 2. Lets try 2 more.”, then the roll happens: “Gah, I stayed already for 4… I will give like 2 more tries.”. Then the boss gets in a try to 6% and u wipe. And you say to yourself “man.. it was 6%.. I am sure 2-3 tries and we got him”. You see?

It all started from Twinking… but it ends up fixing a lot of issues!

I talk a lot, I know. But what I am saying above, Is still what I think. It is a very BROAD subject that can open many Rabbit Holes, but, Why The Hell Not?

The game goes as bad as it goes now, because bad decisions are being made. It does take couple good ones to start mending it.

Ideas are being presented every day, but for some reason Blizzard decides to stay silent on many of them. I intend on getting some of them through.


Comment your opinion below, and let me know some suggestions for Part 2.
Also tell me what you think in the poll below? If poll is success, wanna do a Petition? It all starts from 1 idea guys 🙂 LETS DO ET!

If you think we won’t change the World, it just means you won’t be one of those who Will. – Jacque Fresco.

There, to feel smarter when you finish reading.

Talk to ya’ll soon.


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