Flip-O-Matic – How to Make A LOT of Gold with Leatherworking & Scrapping in BFA

This leatherworking scrap BFA guide will present you the best and fastest way of gold making(with crafting) currently in the new expansion. Leatherworking also synergises well with skinning so it’s worth mentioning that having Skinning will reduce the price for crafting.

What is required?


Kul Tiran(Alliance) / Zandalari(Horde)

Coarse Leather Armguards imgCoarse Leather Armguards
Coarse Leather (6);
Blood-Stained Bone (4);


Shimmerscale Armguards
Coarse Leather (6);
Blood-Stained Bone (4);

What to do?

In BFA we are introduced with a new NPC called Shred Master. There is one for both factions and each is located within the capital city. For this specific guide we will be scrapping Leatherworking made gear which will result with lots of skins and the chance for obtaining the new Blood of Sargeras of the expansion – Expolsom

All you have to do is craft as many Coarse Leather Armguard / Shimmerscale Armguards and once done you should proceed scrapping it at the Scrap Master in your city. The scrapping process will will result in Coarse Leather, Blood-Stained Bone and the occasional Expolsom.

Once done with the scrapping check the amount of Explsum you have obtained and use it to craft honor gear.
Crafted honor gear has rare quality and a chance for epic. Take all the of the epic gear you have crafted and put it up on the Auction House or Disenchant it if the value of shards is higher than the item itself. While the rare pieces of gear should be scrapped further.

Rinse and repeat.

To quickly recap:

  • Craft Coarse/Shimmerscale armguards;
  • Shred them;
  • Craft Honor gear with the obtained Expolsom;
  • Depending on AH value Disenchant or Auction off the Epic, shred the rare gear.;
  • Use the remaining mats to craft more armguards and continue shredding.;


What to expect?

Here are the results and statistics of our earns.

shred-master gold making statistics


Full video guide can be found here:
“Flip-O-Matic” – How To Make Gold by Scrapping and Flipping in BFA EASY! [WORKS]


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