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[quote quote=1118]Hey guyzz, im Christophe aka QueenAlexstrasza xD im playing wow on EU and start of legion on US too (farm possibilities only) 🙂 I started some 10y ago with wow and still having fun as crazy xD I raided and did pvp and took a break from that only to farm (when I started to watch Umren it looked so easy, and it was) if you have the patience and time 🙂 IRL I am service IT-er in a big company. my hobbies are WOW, computers, cars and motorcycles. Following Umren for a bit and started on 10k and now going hard up to 2M 🙂 thx bro’s [/quote]
Hey Chris!
Cheers for joining to the discussion mate! Glad that my guides helped you.
I am really honored to see that my content is helping so much people, and I will do my best to keep up with improving myself more and more!
Also change your Anonymous name into your profile page.. We wanna see who you are! 😀

Cheers and Welcome!