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[quote quote=1181]Hey everyone, Vanillekipferl here or on League/WoW known as Jibril. I was interested in gaming ever since I can think and so today Im a gamergirl for over 15 years, playing League,Wow, Hearthstone etc. The time I started playing WoW was somewhere in Vanilla but I quit the game rather fast. My return was with launch of Pandaria and Im a lovely Holy Paladin/Hunter main. About the time when MoP launched I also found Umren on YT when I was desperate for some gold guides that actually worked. Till today it helped me out paying my mount adiction and way more then that Lets have a great time here [/quote]

Yo Vanille! 😀 Nice to have you here!
Lets do Community WOW / LOL games sometimes… Hell, I can even organize some contest for the folks around here, when we are enough!

Glad my guides helped you, dudette… Lets have a great time here, indeed! 😀