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[quote quote=1291]Hi I am Halvor, I started playing wow in 2014 but had known about it since I was four when my brothers played vanilla and I grew up watching them and yearning for the day I could play. Now I play on Argent Dawn – EU where I started making gold a month or too ago. In total I have made 300K or so big thanks to Umren and other content creators showing me a whole Arae of farms. I mostly flip and farm transmog with some cata herbs thrown into the mix.


Hey Halvor!

Nice to meet u mate… I am really happy I’ve helped u with my guides!
How is Argent Dawn these days? I’ve been playing over there for a year, but I transfered away because I was summoned to be a guild leader on another realm, and I lost track!

I would just give u a suggestion that you don’t have to accept it, but if u are into the transmogs market a lot… try to fish some rare transmogs … or if u get some lucky transmog for yourself… keep it for a month or two more… the prices will start climbing really fast on that market.

Happy to have u here mate.

Keep it up!