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[quote quote=1366]Hi, I am a wow mom. I Starting playing because my boys played and kept playing even after they quit playing. I love all of wow (PVE, PVP, PETS, etc.). I currently, mainly play a feral on Dalaran, Al side. I really enjoy the channel. I have learned a lot from your vids and twitch. I am currently trying to become more of a pvp player, but have a lot to learn. I sometimes whis there was such a thing as a wow pvp coach to help this pvp noob find a really good set up for my orb weaver/naga combo. LOL [/quote]


Well I am glad ur kids addicted u to wow so we can meet! 😀 I am really being honored to have u in our community… You’ve been always positive on the chat, and all i want to say… is enjoy urself around here… keep on rocking and stay awesome!


P.S. We can PvP sometimes together i can throw a tip or two so you can get better! Not that I am really really great at this point .. .but there have been times where I had really high skill 🙂 Will do my best to raise to the top if i can in Legion again!