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Sup everyone, I’m Onyx.

Not really the most active amongst the community as I don’t have much free time anymore, but I really enjoy the guides and just generally prefer the content as you make it interesting to watch Umren. Decided to sign up to the forums just to introduce myself and so it is here if I need it.

So I’m Declan and I am 20 years old (I feel old), I started playing at Vanilla release with my dad and have played ever since besides a break in WoD, I’m an all round gamer and I’ll play pretty much anything if my friends are on it, but WoW will always be my main game.

I currently play on Ravencrest-EU as a horde, me and all my friends switched realms to be together for Legion Launch. (Terrible realm to be Horde I know, however we picked it for ally but they decided before launch we’d go horde.) <3