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[quote quote=1431]Thx a Lot if u got more tsm set ups for gold making let us Know. Great vids Keep it up 😀 [/quote]

No problem mate… and ofc I will share as always <3 Glad u like the stuff! <3


[quote quote=1432]Hey, just got everything setup. obliterated all sorts of pots, but when I got to stormscale and yseralline seeds if you mouse over it it says it can’t be obliterated. Is this something they changed where you used to be able to? [/quote]

Stormscale and Seeds can’t be obliterated… u have to craft things out of them… like I said in the video. Seeds = Potions… Stormscale = Gravenscale Armbands (these are meant to be sold on AH, not obliterated).


[quote quote=1433]Really liking this but the only problem I currently have with this is that I dont have LW :/ So im only able to partialy benifit from this. is there anyway this can be configed to work with Blacksmithing instead ? or would that be to complex taking into account the recipe for demonsteel? im afraid I dont know to much about TSM ive tried setting this up myself but failed [/quote]

I will try to compile something for Blacksmithing and Tailoring too… Just waiting for this Raid Hype to go away slowly and see if the Obliterum price will be still sinking or not. Because if price on Obliterum goes down to 1k and mats are worth 2k… then it’s pointless wasting time on making something that u won’t benefit, don’t u think? 🙂
Cheers btw.. and will try !


[quote quote=1435]Hi Umren. New followere here, after I saw your youtube video. Can you explain the math behind the stormscale and stonehide buyout setup. And which items should I be crafting. Stormscale: 0.6666% DBMinBuyout(item:124125) Stonehid: 0.1875% DBMinBuyout(item:124125) [/quote]

Oh welcome mate.. Glad to have u around here! <3

Well the math is pretty simple.. Stormscale is priced based on the Gravenscale armbands (because that is what we are using it to craft) and it’s like this.
1 Armband = 150 Leathers . Meaning that 1 Leather = 1/150 Armbands OR 1 Leather = 0.00666666666666 Armbands. So pretty much… 1 Leather is 0.0066 x 100 = 0.66% of the Price of the Armband.

With Stonehide we do Warhide Bindings.

1 Binding = 2 Ash.

1 Binding = 9 Leather.

9 Leather = 2 Ash

4.5 Leather = 1 Ash

1 Leather = 1 / 4.5 Ash = 0.22 Ashes or 0.0022 Obliterums.

Meaning 1 Stonehide = 0.22% of the Price of 1 Obliterum

It’s 0.22% Because I haven’t included the Chaos Crystals here.. if I need to explain you that too… it will be a LOOOONG Post 😀
If you want me to do explain it anyway.. let me know and will do so.
Cheers and hope this helped!