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Thomas Bru.
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[quote quote=1514]Yo i’m newb to enchanting, does this require a level of enchanting to make this worth it still? Being that chance of a good disenchant is increased with ench level… excuse my incompetence, please [/quote]

Writing this on my mobile so sorry if there are some mistakes 😀


Of course it worth. By the macro umren made you don’t have to do much Klicks *ty4that*. All you have to do is set your self a maximum of gold per silk you want to spend.

You get cheap leylaid shard to sell on AH… orrrr you use them to enchant papers to sell them on AH. This will max your profit, but you have to face the other enchant AH-campers.


The blood is just a benefit. I don’t think the drop is depending on you enchant lvl. I just disenchanted 400+ silkweave-bracers and just got about 20 bloods. Nice to have – but not the main reason I posted this ‘guide’.


It’s just a cheap way to generate shards to sell them, use them to generate dust and sell this or to use all of them and generate enchants to sell this on AH. Maybe this will be the best way to generate enchants for AH when the new raid is popping up and enchants will better sell on AH.



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