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Try this one Brother:

Go into TSM Features on top (First Tab) > Custom Price Sources – and make new Custom Price Source.

Call it as u wish.. I called mine “backenchmin” (Back Enchant Minimum) and I did pasted the stuff that i linked above.

If your Item ID’s are correct this should work.

Let me Break It Down for You:

(8*DBMinBuyout(item:124442)) – 8 x Chaos

+ (20*DBMinBuyout(124440)) – 20 x Arkhana

+ (2*(10*DBMinBuyout(item:124103))) – 2 x (10 x Foxflower)  – Why Foxflower? Because on most servers Foxflower gives u the best price for Blood of Sargeras… so u want to get that as a field to Blood of Sargeras Price.. since if u can earn 200g by selling 10 foxflower.. and u use Blood of Sargeras in the enchant as 100g value… it’s not worth crafting the enchant.

Tell me what u think and whether it’s working 🙂

Cheers brother, hope that helps.