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[quote quote=1915]Hey Umren! I am starting to dabble into TSM. I’ve watched all of your guides on it and new to your channel and I snagged a few of your groups but I was just wondering if you had a topic or some video with a bunch of your groups in it that I could “borrow” :P. Also I had a few questions just asking for your opinion on some small things i can start with. I have roughly 100k to start off with what do you think I should start with? Thank you in advance and brooofist it out! [/quote]

Hey BROchacho!
Well a nice start is to start with my TSM guide.. which I believe u did. Next point is to see what u have from resources (professions/gold/interest). Start step by step and learn slowly. If u have professions, then try to make profession groups (which I should do a guide about that soon-ish), so you can skip that for now.
You mentioned you got gold rite?
Well if u have gold… then what u should do… is setup some target items groups… BoE Twink Items, BoE Gear Items, Trade Goods, Crafted Goods, and make groups about them. Make shopping Operation.. and scan every now and then. Then Buy when u see underpriced items. Sell when u like the price.

The Auction House and TSM, if you are going to Flip… is not easy water to dive into… unless u have a lot of patience.. and u are willing to google / wowhead a lot… I suggest u to avoid it.. grab profession and craft stuff for profit. But if u really wanna do it… that is 1 way how u can do it.


Now I have old profile.. that I’ve shared with people.. that was modified and optimized by me… but it’s kinda for old content and stuff. I have released some strings and stuff during previous farming videos, and profit guides like Enchanting, BoE Twink Items String, etc.. and I am working on full TSM profile for Legion.. but it’s going slowly since I have lots of other stuffs to finish before I dive into that fully, so I have no idea when it will be out.

Meanwhile… dig around and try to learn as much as u can about TSM and the Market on your server… because even I release profile that can do stuffs on it’s own – out of the box – you will still need significant knowledge in TSM to be efficient with it.

The best is to build your own ideas and profile 🙂

Cheers bro!