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Introduction – Zactore

I’m 20 years old and from Sweden, currently studying random subjects that I find interesting such as: Biology, Organic Matters, Digital Creation (Adobe Photoshop), Graphic Illustration (Adobe Illustrator), also studying english degree 7 or whatever it’s called.

In the future I plan to become a landscape gardener. Basically what that means I want to plan gardening projects for people and build/plant/design beatiful gardens for rich people.

I actually started in high school studying to become a forestry machine technician but dropped out after a year because I didn’t like it.

My ordinary schedule is pretty much filled with free-time currently so I play a lot of WoW, CSGO, LoL etc.

My major hobbies are: Fishing, Music, American Music History, aquatic life (basically fish and water organics biology), Also Gaming ofc, I also play a couple instruments like the piano, the harmonica and guitar but only casually, can only play by ear.

What am I doing on this website? Well I want to support Umren aswell as read some nice WoW guides and gaming news overall.

Thanks for reading my introduction.