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    Part 2.2 is a Guide about Leveling the Fishing Skill 0-800 Fast and Easy, while Obtaining all the Requirements for Bigger Fish to Fry Achievment, that Is Required for the Underlight Angler the Fishing Artifact.
    Fishing Mastery 2.2 – Get 0-800 Skill Easy & Fast and “Bigger Fish to Fry” for Artifact



    Complete Fishing Tutorial – Fishing Mastery – Playlist Link – Fishing Skill Leveling, Artifact Guide – Underlight Angler, Farming Fish for Gold, Gold Making Guides, Etc <- Click Here to Watch



    Server Hop Download Link:

    TSM String (Link):



    Step by Step I will show u how to obtain all of the Following Rare Fish and Baits that you need: (The Minutes in front of Zones are Timeline of the Video – if u are interested in watching specific part):


    3:10 – Azsuna Baits and Fishes


    Aromatic Murloc Slime – Leyshimmer Blenny

    Pearlescent Conch – Nar’thalas Hermit

    Rusty Queenfish Brooch – Ghostly Queenfish


    5:13 – Highmountain Baits and Fishes


    Salmon Lure – Ancient Highmountain Salmon

    Frost Worm – Coldriver Carp

    Swollen Murloc Egg – Mountain Puffer


    5:39 – Stormheim Baits and Fishes


    Silverscale Minnow – Thundering Stormray

    Ancient Vrykul Ring – Oodelfjisk

    Soggy Drakescale – Graybelly Lobster


    7:02 – Val’sharah Baits and Fishes


    Rotten Fishbone – Ancient Mossgill

    Nightmare Nightcrawler – Terrorfin

    Drowned Thistleleaf – Thorned Flounder


    7:35 – Suramar Baits and Fishes


    Demonic Detritus – Tainted Runescale Koi

    Sleeping Murloc – Seerspine Puffer

    Enchanted Lure – Magic-Eater Frog


    8:33 – Ocean Explanation + Baits and Fishes


    Stunned, Angry Shark – Seabottom Squid

    Axefish Lure – Axefish

    Ravenous Fly – Ancient Black Barracuda



    Those are all requirements you need for the “Bigger Fish to Fry” achievment that is actually needed if u wanna get the Artifact Fishing Pole – Underlight Angler after u get 800 Skill.


    Thanks Guys for Watching / Reading


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