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    Recently I’ve been asked a lot on my Stream / YouTube channel, how to Make / Transform Garrison Resources into RAW Gold, and to help you, I’ve gone through some researches on Google, wowhead, random forums, and I found Interesting thing that you can do.


    This guide will give you 150g for every 500 garrison Resources, or 50 Reosources into 15 gold average.

    Here is a Video Explanation of it:

    Guide to Transform Garrison Resources into RAW Gold – GarrisonVille #1 


    Things you are going to need:


    1. Trading Post Building in Your Garrison, so you can use the vendor as explained in the video


    #Macro #1 – Buy Random Amount of Things from Vendor without clicking on them

    /run for i=1,5 do BuyMerchantItem(27) end;

    * For this Macro to Work, you need to keep the Vendor Frame in the Trading Post open, and click the macro. If you change the Number “5” in the macro to “10” it will buy 10 instead of 5 at one time. I wouldn’t recommend going for more than 10, but if you want to, go ahead and try 🙂

    * Number (27) in the frame is the item number in the vendor frame. You can use this macro to buy things from any vendor, by changing this number the number of that item in the vendor frame. The Sack of Gold on this Vendor is Number 27, that is why we using that. Experiment with it, you can find it quite useful.


    #Macro #2 – Open / Loot items by Item ID rather than by Item Name

    /use item:120146

    /run for i=1,GetNumLootItems() do LootSlot(i) end;

    * This Macro is used to open up the Sacks in your bags and confirms the loot. Making the looting process quite faster than traditional Item Name macros. You can use this Macro for other things as well… like containers Treasure of the Vale containers, Plundered Treasures, Tiny Treasure Chest, etc etc.

    How to get Item ID for Item?
    Go on Wowhead, Search for an Item … Lets take example for Plundered Treasure. After Search I got to this Link: – Meaning item=87391 = the ItemID. Replace the itemID in the “/use item:120146” with this, and use the macro to open Plundered Treasures if you wish 🙂

    That is all you need for this Guide to work.

    If you have any problem or request for me to cover next, don’t hesitate to throw me a comment on YouTube  or Reply here, and I will be happy to help!


    Forever Your BRO,


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