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January 2017 Addons List – Is AltzUI the Best UI I've Used? – WOW Legion 7.1.52017-02-21T23:04:33+00:00
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    Here is my list of Best Legion World of Warcraft addons / UI pack for: Arena, Gold Farming / Making, PvP, Raid, Mythic Plus (Mythic+), Leveling, etc for January 2017.

    And Hey BTW 😀

    So, I’ve done this list some day Ago.. and Showcased it in the video below… but You’ve asked me to make a LIST with download links. You Know me… I do best I can to not let u down… so lets do it! 😀

    January 2017 Addons List – Is AltzUI the Best UI I’ve Used? – WOW Legion 7.1.5 

    *Since YouTube Description Box, sometimes Twists the Links and Strings  that I am posting, I’ve decided to do that here, instead.


    Da List + Short Description:

    **All of them are Links to their Respective Official Websites I downloaded them from, and they Open in New Tab in your Browser, so you won’t leave the website by clicking them, don’t worry! 😀

    AltzUI – THE UI. Won’t explain that.. have a whole video about it 😉

    Angry World Quests – It adds aditional category in ur quest log, called World Quests. U can filter them by loot type, zone, etc.

    Altoholic – Everything about ur Characters. Skills, Professions, Honor, Achievments, Gold, Items (U got search bar for everything) and LOTS more stuffs. If you have alts… this is Another “Try It – Thank me Later” addon.

    AutoLootPlus – Hides the Loot Frame, Speeds up the Looting Process by A LOT, if u do it A LOT. Trust Me 🙂

    BankStack – Helps u sort the bags out – Also Mentioned BankStack in the Gold Farming Addons Video Here – Starts at 1:40

    FarmIt – Simple Tracker of items you are farming. How Many u got in bags, in bank, how many u looted, u can add goals, etc. Mentioned FarmIt in This Video also and How it Works – Starts at 7:13 Minute

    Garrison Mission Manager – Helps with Organizing and Completing Missions in Garrison / Order Halls.

    Gem Chip Helper – Helps u with prospecting. Guide about Prospecting Coming out soon, this addon will be included – Subscribe and Click the Bell Here to get Notified when it’s up.

    Gladius – Arena Tracker for Everything – Diminishing, Trinkets, Auras, Buffs, Debuffs, etc.

    Hadouken – Fun addon that plays sound on spells that u add to the list. Hadouken, Shoryuken, etc.

    Interrupt bar – Shows Interrupt Cooldowns of ur enemies. Useful If u play healer, or just generally if u are information addict like me.


    MythicPlusTimer – Tells u Timers for 3 Chest, 2 Chest, Pleb Chest.

    Overachiever – Tracks hidden Achievments.

    Paste – Adds Box where u can paste stuffs into the game. Longer Code, macros, TomTom waypoints, etc. Explained in the Video a bit more 🙂

    Personal Loot Helper – Tells in Chat / You – whether some item that drops in dungeon is upgrade for you.. or someone else.

    Prospect me – Prospecting Helper / Tooltip / Statistics / etc.

    RCLootCouncil – Guild Loot Management Addon.

    Scrap – Sells Crap. Shortened = “Scrap”

    ServerHop – Jump between Servers

    SexyCooldown – Bar that allows u to track ur cooldown in a TimeLine fashion.

    Skada – Damage / healing / etc Tracker – Similar to Recount / Details… it parses the combat log to give u some Real-Time Data for Any Combat u go into.

    Stat Weight Score – Straight Forward Addon. Find ur Specialization Stat Weights, Import them in the Addon, you have a tooltip that tells u which item is how much Upgrade for u, according to those stats.

    TellMeWhen – Buff / Debuff / Cooldown / Internal Cooldown or Just Tracker for Everything in the game. Target, Focus, Player, Enemy, Arena, etc… Try it. Thank me later.

    TomTom – Navigation Addon, Coordinates, etc.

    TrashCan – Vendoring / Destroying List for Items that are not Trash – I have mentioned how it works here: Video Link – Starts at 10:26 minute (discontinued updates but still works for me)

    World Quest Group Finder – Finds you a group Automatically when you Enter World Quest Zone.

    TradeSkillMaster – And my TradeSkillMaster Guide – a Must see, if u want to be Gold Master and Learn TSM 🙂

    Deadly Boss Mods – Boss Encounters Helper, Strategy-Wise. In the description of the Addon, you will find different expansions strategies for bosses, so check it out.


    IF YOU NEED MY SETTINGS FROM ALTZUI >>>> CLICK HERE <<<< Copy the String, go into Config on Top of Screen then Import then Paste this into the Box there.


    That’s the List Falks!

    **If you have any suggestions about future UI review, addon review, something that I have forgotten to add from the video above, or anything at all… suggest me here, and I will make sure to add it next time.


    Until Next time, Take Care of Eachother, Be Well, Listen To Your Parents, and Stay Cool.

    Forever Your BROchacho,




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