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Legion Obliterum Forge Guide – Part 2 – How I've Made 1 Million Gold in 5 Days.2017-01-14T00:17:32+00:00
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    If you haven’t read / watched the Part 1 of this Guide (or more like Tips & Tricks) Here it is: (I highly Recommend for you to Check It, because it’s tightly connected to this one!)

    LINK: Legion Obliterum Profit Guide – Obliterate Best Items & How I did 400k In 2 Days !


     and Before Moving on with This Guide… Just a quick Mention that I have updated some stuffs like spreadsheet and TSM string of this guide for 7.1.5 Patch in Legion and you can find it on This Link: Obliterum Forge Farming / Crafting / Profit Guide – WOW 7.1.5 Patch


    Now lets move on.
    I’ve started doing this like 5-6 days ago, and I’ve managed to get 1 Million Gold in record time from what I’ve been Doing and I will share everything here with you.

    Here is the Video that Explains Mostly the things that you’ll be reading Here:

    Obliterum Profit Guide – Part 2 – How I’ve Made 1 Million Gold in 5 Days?! 


    Here are the Things you need beside the Video:

    1. SpreadShit v.2 – Instructions on How to Use it, are in the Video.

    Click Here to Download It


    2. Macro for Disenchanting:

    /cast Disenchant

    /use item:128883


    – The “item:128883” is Item ID for Warhide Bindings, the one I am talking about in the video. If you are crafting something else, this is how you find the Item ID:


    3. TSM Mailing Operation and Crafted Item Group

    – I will not share mine here, because usually people forgetting to change the name to which character the things should be Mailed… so I am getting random shit in my mailbox, and get accused of intentionally doing it in order to steal people’s stuff… but if you really feel like you need my group and operation, might consider sharing it.


    That was all that I wanted to say in this one… 

    Hopefully this video / tutorial / guide was helpful to you… if u have any questions, don’t hesitate to post them here or on the video comments, and I will do my best to answer whenever I can!

    And for goodbye, here is my gold graph again:

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1103"] Legion Gold Making Graph – 1 Million Gold in 5 Days – Fastest Earning / Farming Gold Guide / Tutorial – Item Sales and Summary[/caption]


    Thanks again fellas… Stay Cool and Amazing.
    Cya in the Next One!

    Forever Your BRO,





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