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    I  found the addon for the Red arrow umren uses I tried  Altz UI but I prefer Elve UII’mm just too used to it so after  watching his vedo on his addons I went on a mission to get the red arrow! (coppied from my you tube post incase  some people don’t  use the forums.)

    Ok I found out how to get the red arrow without having to  use Altz ui get Target Nameplate Indicator

    the do the following

    1) go to wow  addons folder

    2) then go to Target Nameplate Indicator  then look for the Core.lua file

    3) open the core.lua file and look for:  local TEXTURE_PATH = “Interface\\AddOns\\TargetNameplateIndicator\\Reticule”

    you need to change remove the Reticule part and change it to NeonRedArrow so it looks like  the line below

    local TEXTURE_PATH = “Interface\\AddOns\\TargetNameplateIndicator\\NeonRedArrow”

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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