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    Rhinestone Glasses and High Society Top hat Recipe guide

    In this guide i will talk about two extremely rare patterns and how they can be obtained
    The two patterns are:
    Pattern: High Society Top Hat
    Design: Rhinestone SunglassesCrafting cost is usually less than 2000g and in my experience demand is fairly good depending on how populated your server is and if it’s a Role Play server or not
    The items cannot be transmogged.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: These recipes are profession specific so Design: Rhinestone Sunglasses will only drop for a Jewelcrafter and Pattern: High Society Top Hat will only drop for a tailor. Both need a minimum of 525 skill in their respective professions.
    With that said it’s best to farm them on a character with tailoring and jewelcrafting.
    Finding the Rares
    The recipes can be obtained from the following Cataclysm rare bosses.
    spawn timers are a minimum of 72 hours. I’ve had a lot of luck finding them 3 days after reset

    Akma’hat spawns in one place and doesn’t move, making him the easiest to farm, however he shares a spawn point with a camel figurine so the area is heavily farmed
    Julak-Doom wanders around quite a bit, but you can see him from a great distance.
    Garr wanders around but can be seen from a great distance.
    To find Mobus position yourself in the centre of the swirl, you’ll know your at the right depth because the screen will darken slightly as soon as it does stop! That’s deep enough, you can also judge by the large coral on the cliff, position yourself at the bottom of it. This rare swims in a circle and can be seen from a great distance.


    As-well as having a chance to drop the patterns Poseidus also drops Reins of Poseidusa valuable mount which can be traded, just know that there’ll be competition, A lot of it!.
    In all my years of farming I have never seen Xariona, so i ignore it, however if you are farming Aeonaxx for the Reins of the Phosphorescent Stone Drake at the same time, then it could be worth your while.


    addons that I would recommend are NPCscan and NPCscan Overlay if you are using these addons then you may need to add the rares with the following macro:
    /npcscan add 50089 julak-doom
    /npcscan add 50063 Akmahat
    /npcscan add 50056 garr
    /npcscan add 50009 mobus
    /npcscan add 50005 poseidus
    Choosing the right server
    Putting some time into choosing the right server to farm these patterns on is advised. If you are based on a heavily populated server where prices aren’t so great then you should consider farming the recipes on a different server. Visit website The Undermine Journal to find prices for the items on different servers, at the bottom of an items page you can find a Price/Population Scatter Graph showing prices for the item on various servers. Once you have sold your Rhinestone Sunglasses or High Society Top Hat’s you could always buy pets, learn them, and recage them back to your main server for resale , you could even buy mounts to learn or game-time to keep your account active

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