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Sorry for being AFK for 10 days – It was worth tho! Read Up!2018-06-17T09:28:11+00:00
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    I know I’ve been afk for 1-2 weeks guys… but I had was working like crap, and I was waiting for someone to help me with the design, so I can optimize it for a long time… and finally I decided to not wait anymore, but rather learn PHP, CSS, and some other optimization stuffs by myself and give it a shot myself.

    So I have done it.

    Past 10 days… I went ALL IN, 24/7 on learning all of that, and make the website good experience for you and for myself. I have given 100% and beyond of myself, to make this happen and I would like to see how everything will work out.

    It worked out great. It runs smooth. It feels smooth. It works!

    Also.. the results are showing that as well!

    These are some of them.

    how to do 100 on GTmetrix and pingdom in wordpress


    maybe I could have went for 100 in everything, but I believe for website of this type, these result are not just amazing, but also very hard to achieve, and more than enough.

    IF anyone is interested in how I have done it, I can make some tutorials on it, and share some tips and ideas if you want to work on them as well.

    Sorry for being afk again.. and hope we gonna have wonderful time on

    Let me know what you think, and have wonderful, wonderful day!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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