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    In this Complete Guide about Unholy DK Hidden Artifact Appearance or Skin – The Bonereaper’s Hook – you will find: Macros, Video, Instructions, Strategy, Location, and how to apply all that together, to Farm it in the Fastest Way Possible!

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    1. The Video with all the Instructions How to Put all the Information Below Together and Create the Fastest Strategy to Farm The Bonereaper’s Hook is here:
    The Bonereaper’s Hook – Unholy DK Hidden Appearance – Complete Guide – PART 1


    2. Macros:

    — Apocalypse (true / false) Macro:


    /cast Apocalypse

    /script print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(44188)) 


    — Death Grip Macro:

    /tar Large Illusionary Ripper

    /cast Death Grip


    — Dialog + Target Proving Grounds Macro:

    /tar trial master rotun

    /script SelectGossipOption(4);

    /script SelectGossipOption(1);

    /click StaticPopup1Button1


    3. Interact with Target Instructions a in the Video – This is Very Important!


    4. Since Applying this Strategy will be Tedious task to explain with Text and Images… I’ve decided to record a video, to make it easier for me to explain, and for you to Understand. You can Find the Video Embed if you Scroll a bit Up 😀


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