*NEW* CRAZIEST and FASTEST Leveling 15-80 in BFA!!! 3-10 min/level! Boosting Strategy for Low Level!

I’ve made a quick guide in 2 parts on how to level your low level alts (15-80) the FASTEST & Easiest WAY possible in Battle for Azeroth!

If you have low level alt between level 15 and 80 (I will do 1-15 and 80-90 + 90-100 + 100-110 soon, whenever my research is done), and you wonder how to level it up, on easy and fun way… well Twinking it up a bit + Help from your second account or friend is how you can do it following this tutorial.

Disclaimer: Some classes will be able to do this earlier, while some later, based on when you discover your aoe spells, but most of them are good to go at around 15-20 level. If you want list of what class gets their AOE at what level, at the bottom of this post, you’ll find my research notes of what class learns their AOE spells, at what level.

Here are the quick Instructions:
1. Since your Low Level alt will do all the heavy lifting, and dps and stuff, Twink up your low level alt following this guide: Best Low Level Enchants while Leveling for Low Level Gear / Heirlooms – BFA Spreadsheet + Guide with all enchants + Gear you can possibly get for his level.
2. Find a friend that has a Monk with level 90 or higher (Ramparts will kill your statue if you are lower than this, quite fast). Best is above 100, but 90 works too, to some extent.
3. Buy yourself Thermo Accelerated Plague Spreader + F.R.I.E.D (These are bombs from engineering, meaning you can craft them if you have the profession. That was is cheaper!

4. For 15-60 you go to Stockades. While grouped with your alt + monk, make the monk run around Stockades pulling everything, back to almost the entrance. Find a close room, but not too close so ur alt doesn’t die from resetting the statue (if u gonna do that as in the video).
5. IMPORTANT: Before pulling all the mobs make sure you unequip any gear / trinket or anything that might proc some dmg on your monk + and make sure that you DO NOT hit or dmg in any way any add with your monk while pulling. You have to Body Pull them by running through them. Abilities are no-no.
6. When done pulling, put the Ox Statue inside some of the rooms in a corner, so adds have to go in the room to start hitting it.
7. When that is done, before going in the room with your alt, Kick the monk from the Group, and throw the Green Granade first, then Red (F.R.I.E.D). If you do it other way around, your Green will be on CD and u can’t use both granades.
8. Continue hitting the mobs and AOE’ing them for another 5-10 seconds, but make sure you re-invite the monk before his timer hits 5 seconds, or else he gets kicked off the dungeon, which makes the statue vanish, and your alt dies, making u repeat everything.
9. When monk is back in group, just keep him away, and hard AOE the mobs down until they are all down.
10. This concludes Stockades 15-60 Power Leveling / Boosting your alt.

11. After you hit 60, move over to Ramparts in Hellfire Peninsula.
12. Same drill. Put the statue in the position shown in the video before u start pulling the dungeon, because in middle of the dungeon pull, some hounds reset and start running after your monk. Statue will prevent them from killing it.
13. When you done pulling the dungeon, jump down at the spot at the entrance, and wait for the mobs to gather around the statue.
14. When they do, same drill.. kick the monk, green granade, red granade, kill the mobs, walla.
15. This concludes 60-80 Fastest Leveling possible.

This will fail if:
– You forget to kick the monk from the group (you will not get any XP from the mobs), 
– You forget to re-invite the monk in the group on time, or before 60s expire. (Monk gets teleported out, statue gone, alt dead)
– You touch any mobs with your alt
– Your alt dies

Useful Additional Info
– You can use consumables as well, especially healing elixirs and stuff if your alt doesn’t have self-sustain (healing of some sort). Some stats flask, elixirs and potions can be handy as well, to increase the speed of killing + survive better + levelup faster.
– In Stockades, the fire boss do AOE dmg, so you have 2 choices: Kill it first with your alt (Don’t touch anything with monk), or avoid pulling the Fire BOss
– In Ramparts, since it’s more efficient run (3-5 minutes / run), you can use Elixir of Rapid Mind and get blown away of the leveling speed. I explain in detail in the Part 2 video how to preserve the duration by logging out and stuff.

This was the quick written info, if you want to visually see how the routes I use look like, you can watch the video guides here:

Part 0.5: Easiest and Fastest Leveling 1-15 / 1-20 in BFA!!! Mob Grinding Strategy for Low Level! WoW 8.2

Part 1: How To Boost 15-80? – THE FASTEST, EASIEST, Most EFFICIENT way to power level in BFA! 8.2 – Part 1

Part 2: *NEW* CRAZIEST and FASTEST Leveling 15-80 in BFA!!! 3-10 min/level! Boosting Strategy for Low Level!

Enchanting Guide: Best Low Level Enchants while Leveling for Low Level Gear / Heirlooms – BFA Spreadsheet + Guide

Well, that was all for now, I will keep the guide updated, if some updates happen. If you have any suggestions or ideas for improvements, etc you have.. feel free to either comment on the thread or come and shout at me at either our Twinking Discord, my Twitch Stream or send me up message on Twitter.

This is a List of Stuffs I’ve taken notes while doing research for this guide back in days. It’s nothing serious now, but will find time to edit it to proper post.

Here are AOE spells I’ve taken quickly of making lots of alts and checking their spellbooks:

mage – 16 blizzard
hunter – 14 multistrike
shaman – 20 | crash lighting 28
druid – sunfire 16 – lunar strike early | feral – thrash 12
paladin – divine storm 40
warrior – wirlwind 40
warlock – seed 38 | rain 26 | guldan 10
rogue – about 60
priest – mindsear 26
monk – fist 20
DH + DK – have them from start

– talents – 15-75 depends on class.
melee is weaker generally

Thanks for reading / watching and Talk to ya’ll soon!

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