I have created a QR code digital Menu product. Here is the deal, and why I was gone…

Just to update everyone that have been asking whats going on with me.
I have worked hard with the company I lead, to finish our product and make agreements with partners and affiliates.

The product in mind is Menuino – Best QR code digital menu & ordering system around, which is QR code digital menu, with option to order.
Pretty much, print some codes, stick them to tables, rooms, etc, whenever someone scans it, it can order from the menu instantly to the staff whatever he needs.

More info there are on the website, also on the youtube channel: Menuino YouTube – Best QR code digital menu & ordering system around .

Lastly, if someone has contacts with restaurants, bars, hotels, distribution center in your area, there is affiliate/partner program so just hit me up if u up for cooperation.

That is pretty much the update I felt like sharing with ya’ll.

It is pretty new product, and we are working hard to maintain, update, make it the best it can, so let me know for ideas, improvements, suggestions, etc 🙂

Coming back to WoW with Shadowlands hopefully, btw. Meanwhile I am filthy casual 😀

Thank you all for the support, and for anything you need, hit up a message on jz@menuino.com , or umren@umren.tv .
Much Love!

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