Jane Zdravevski
- Umren -

Partnered YouTuber & Streamer, Frontend Developer, SEO optimizer, Voice-Over Actor, Video&Audio editor, human.

Jane Umren Zdravevski


2020 - Present

Front End Development

I have worked on building websites, and optimizing them (SEO + ranking, usability, speed, digital marketing, etc), but out of recently I have started learning and practicing custom Frontend Development with VueJS, as Javascript framework and it rocks, so I keep on movin’ with it!

2015 - Present

YouTuber, Streamer, Blogger

Been Partnered Streamer, YouTuber and Blogger for over 5-7 years now. It’s been great leading a community of chill people & creating so many friendship that I cherish greatly.

2013 - present

Entrepreneur + Freelancer

In this period I have created, started and developed many ideas, that turn out greatly for myself and the community. Areas: Internet Marketing, Websites & Networks, Community Projects, Trade flipping, etc.

2008 - 2013

Internet Marketer

In those 4-5 years, I have built numerous websites, landing pages, email campaigns, product pitches, and lots more, with the intent of making traffic conversion & advertising affiliate offers.

About Me

I don’t have much to say about myself here, but out of experience, I’ve heard people saying that I am highly efficient, dedicated, and focused on the tasks I work on, and the results that I deliver are highly effective.
Challenge is the code I live by, and I never give up.



Everything else I have self-taught myself using Youtube, Google, online courses, and lots of practical work.


University. High Voltage Electronics.


High School. Low Voltage Electronics


Custom Frontend Development (VueJS)
WordPress + Web Design
Digital Marketing
SEO Optimization
Video Editing (Premiere + After Effects)
Audio Editing + Voice Acting
Photo Editing (Paint + Photoshop)
2D/3D Animaion + Modeling


Personal portfolio + bunch of World of Warcraft content.

Social Media


Wanna be Part of the Creation Process? Chat with Amazing Fellas? Be Part of Community? This is our HUB.


If you are interested in in-depth look at my certificates, experience, skills, and much more, You might wanna look.


My Primary YouTube Channel where I post mostly World of Warcraft stuffs. I do have IRL channel too!

WoW Classic & Retail News!

List of ALL of my BFA Twinks!

Upon popular request / suggestion from our Discord / YouTube and Twitch, here is the List of all of My Twinks in World of Warcraft in Battle for Azeroth: Europe 110 Twinks: Arangel – Shadow Priest [ EU –…
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