“How To MultiBox” Tutorial: Part 1 – RAF Yourself!

“How To MultiBox” Tutorial: Part 1 – RAF Yourself!

“How To MultiBox” Tutorial: Part 1 – RAF Yourself!

Hello Boiz and Grills !

This post will be explanation on How To Multibox: Part1 – Recruit-A-Friend (RAF) Yourself!  video below:




As I said in the video main points of Recruiting yourself will be:


1. You need a working World of Warcraft account.

2. You need to be able to send Recruit A Friend Invitation as explained in the video.

3.  Login to the existing World of Warcraft account, and use the Recruit-A-Friend button in the game Friends (Social Menu) as explained in the video.

When Asked for Email, write any email that you can login and click on the Invitation received from Blizzard. (Message is not important what you going to type)

4. Login to the email, and wait for the Blizzard email.

If you don’t receive anything in 1-2 minutes, send another one.

If  after sending the second, you don’t receive anything in the next 10 minutes, try using different email, because some emails, have issues receiving Blizzard emails sometimes (I suggest you Gmail, as one of the best)

5. When Invitation is received from Blizzard in your email, click on “Click here to activate your Free Started Edition”.

6. You will get the Question “Do you have a account?”?
– Answer Yes.

7. When you get re-directed to the login page, you want to login with the same credentials (email, password) that you used to send your invitation from.
For Example: As you can see on the video, I was logged in with (email I use for answering questions too), I’ve sent invitation from that email, and when asked for login information, I’ve typed the same email ( to the Blizzarrd Login Page.

8. When everything from above is done, New WOW account will be created in your acccount.

 If regular account that you were using on your account management was WOW 1, then WOW2 will be created. Same means if you had 7 other accounts, like Ive had, WOW8 will be created. Remember the name of the new created account, because it’s important. 🙂

9. Since we’ve made New Starter Edition World of Warcraft account by using RAF invitation, now it’s time to VERIFY  if the RAF link is connected to our main.

  •  Login to your main account as you usually do. Create level 1 on any random server (remember the server). You can name it as you wish, but lets say we’ll call him TestingCharA.
  •  Open another World of Warcraft account while your first is still running, and un-check “Save my account Name” or something, in the World of Warcraft game login screen.
  •  Re-Type the email and the password (regardless of if it’s remembered from before), and when you get asked which WOW account to login, Choose your New account (the one I’ve said that you need to remember)
  • When you are successfully logged in to your new Starter Edition RAFed account, create level 1 on the same server that you’ve created on the main account (same race, faction, of course). Also name it as you wish but we’ll call it TestingCharB
  • From TestingCharA invite TestingCharB to party.
  • Right Click on the portrait from TestingCharA, on TestingCharB, and check in the drop down list if there is any feature called “Summon Friend”. (it should be right below Add Friend>)
  • If that feature is present, RAF link is connected, and you are ready to go with Upgrading your account to Battlechest (New Battlechests are Up to Mists of Pandaria) or WOD.


How to Upgrade the account?

There are a lot of ways how you can buy certain expansion for World of Warcraft, but I will go with the Easiest and Cheapest version of them all, like explained in the video.


1. First you need to go to, and write !battlechesteu (if you are EU), or !battlechestus (if you are US), and follow the link.

Links that I provide, are fast, cheaper, and safe 100%, if you follow my instructions, I vouch for that. I also earn very very little commission that I use to create more discounts for you guys.

2. After your purchase is done on G2A from the link above, copy the code.

3.  Follow the instructions on the image. Press on Account, Then on Games and Codes, Then on Code Redemption.

Redeem a Code - World of Warcraft - HOW TO RAF

Redeem a Code – World of Warcraft – HOW TO RAF

4. Follow the Instructions on the image. Paste the Code you have purchased as in the code.

Code Redemption 2 at World of Warcraft - HOW TO RAF

Code Redemption 2 at World of Warcraft – HOW TO RAF


WALLA !!! You are Done !


This was “short” Tutorial on How to Recruit-A-Friend (RAF) Yourself up, as a First Step in “How to Multibox” – Tutorial.

The Next post will be Software, Paid vs Free Multibox, and my Opinion from personal Experience what are best softwares to use.

Please, Feel free to let me know in the comments bellow, or in youtube comments, or on my Twitch Channel, for any

feedback (either good or bad), and what can I do to improve the information that I am giving to you.


Thanks a lot for reading and watching the video and for the feedback provided <3

Mucho Love, No Homo !

Brofist !!!

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