*Disclaimer: It is not usual resume. Just saying…

Name: Jane Zdravevski

Born: 1988, 25th June – Republic of Macedonia

Currently Location: Republic of Macedonia

Contact: umren@umren.tv

Social Media: YouTube | Twitch | | Twitter | Facebook Page | Website

Current Job: Streamer / YouTuber / Entertainer / Video Producer / Blogger / Musician

Education: 2006 Graduated High-School with High Score (4.3 Average out of 5) in the Sector of Electronics, Signals and Engineering. I’ve been to University for 2.5 Years, and I didn’t felt motivated by the current educational model in the places I could afford study, because I’ve been forced to study and pass “Programming in Pascal”, completely obsolete and unnecessary programming language, that almost no computer can understand it these days,  without using computer, but rather on paper, and many of those subjects I found pointless waste of my time.

So since then, I’ve been practicing self-education over Google, Traveling and Experiencing things, Sharing experiences and knowledge with others, and having more open-minded look on the sources of information that you can obtain them from. Since then…  I’ve, actually, started reading stuff that mattered to me, and I was inspired about, I’ve managed to learn A LOT more in 1 Year that I’ve learned in 2.5 Years of University, and it keeps growing…

Skills I’ve obtained Through Education (and Self Education): *Grades: 1 – Low, 2 – Low to Moderate, 3 – Moderate, 4 – Advanced, 5- Complete Knowledge (non-existant)

  • Moderate Knowledge of Electronics, Engineering, Tinkering, How Things Work (Electronically Speaking), and How to Fix Them.
  • Advanced Knowledge of Managing Computers, Home / Small Networks, Windows Administration, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PP mostly, though..), etc
  • Low to Moderate Knowledge of Programming Languages (Visual Basic, Qbasic, etc)
  • Advanced Knowledge of Internet and it’s uses, and how to use that tool, to be one cell in “Change the World” organism

Life / Work Experience: 

Ever Since I was around 9 or 10, I’ve been fixing PC’s in the Internet Caffe’s around my town, so they let me play on them for 1-2 hours for free, because I was kid and my parents couldn’t afford to buy me a PC, so I had to figure something out, to calm my dire passion for Computers, Electronics, Games and Information. Ever since then I’ve started learning the power of Internet and Computers, and what all can be achieved… if I had one. When I got to around 16-17 and still in High School, I got tired of fixing PC’s to buy myself some game-time on them, so I’ve started working as waiter to local and outside-of-city bars, to earn something to further develop my passion and feed my hunger for information.

Oh Did I mentioned that my grandma bought me little accordion since I was 6, so I can learn how to play on it, and be musician like my dad? – Well, I did learned enough for that time, to be honest, I even learned to play a bit of guitar, drums, cajon, darbuka, etc… but It wasn’t the direction I wanted to follow… so after graduating high school, I got my first LapTop from my parents, and I moved to another city to live for myself, and ever since then, I’ve been working various activities, never say NO to a challenge, and always be prepared to give the best of myself to learn more and more about world and improve my skills.
I have continued working as Waiter, Presenter, Fashion photo model / mannequin (I know, right?), Fashion Agency Manager, Fashion Instructor, Internet Marketer, Web Designer, and all that until I was around 23 years old. Then I’ve started getting introduced to Life Insurance, and since I had passion for reading practical Psychology books, like how to speak, psychology of human behavior, body language and others, it was perfect ground for me to apply what I’ve learned and train my social and presenting skills with random people around my area, and earn for paying my bills by doing it. I’ve also finished a lot of seminars, short trainings, unofficial education camps in non-government organizations, etc.

Some of them about Business (Ex: How to Design Business Plan, Present Idea, Develop Idea, etc), Marketing and Teamwork (How to talk, Body Language, How to lead a team, how to teamwork, etc), Career (Ex: How to write CV, Cover Letter, Prepare for Interview, etc), and many other examples of various areas of effect.

Did I mentioned that while doing all those stuffs, I’ve played constantly video games, A LOT? Well… in everything that I’ve been working in my life, I’ve been giving 100% of myself to be the best I can, and learn the most I can, so I can help people around as much as I can?

Those random activities lasted until I got to 25-26 years old and I’ve decided to follow one more passion of mine, which was Video Games, indeed. I’ve been demotivated by my surroundings (friends, familiars, etc) constantly, that I cannot do anything with Games, I can’t live from that, I will do nothing in my life by staying on PC, etc.. so I’ve taken that as 1% of extra motivation to give 101% of myself to succeed into my Dream of playing Games, helping others, and changing the world into better place for living, by either giving my viewers life lessons one-on-one, or making stupid stuffs to provoke a smile and make their day slightly better, or just teaching them how to achieve the impossible! – (Example: achieving extreme goals in games and life with efficiency and for amount of time that is, believed to be by most, humanly impossible. – Farming Gold, Leveling, Manipulating the Economy, Solving Problems, etc…)

My Social platforms that I was using to share the joy and knowledge was mainly Twitch – as Live Streaming Service, and YouTube – as Video Tutorials, Vlogs, Lessons, and my website Umren.TV.

Ever since I’ve started doing this, I’ve been so full-filled of what I do and CAN do, and not only by the act of playing Video Games, but as well by the amount of people I can bring joy, or I can see a positive feedback or change I’ve delivered in their life, in many ways, etc… that is self-inspiring and motivating drive in my life, to keep improving myself and learning more, and give more to everyone I can. This being my Dream Job, I am still doing it, and I believe that as long as I can breathe, I will forever do it


Skills Obtained through Life Experience and Self Education:

  • Video Production, Editing Effect and Correction & Photo Editing and Correction in Adobe Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere.
  • Social Media and Streaming Services (YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, etc)
  • Great SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Knowledge and Skills, allowing me to optimize couple of my websites to rank as Number 1 on Google for targeted keywords.
  • Improved A LOT my Computer Knowledge (Software, Hardware, Maintenance, etc)
  • Waiter, Barmen
  • Web Design with WordPress
  • Improved and Extended my Programming Skills, Designing the flow in Programming and Problem Solving in various languages like PHP, CSS, HTML, etc… (not pro-pro yet, but If I have Google, I can be)
  • Social Skills like team building, team leading, be active participant in team, solve social and team problems, helping people, be a good listener and be a friend
  • Marketing Skills like selling, presentations, designing marketing campaigns, designing brand and developing ideas, etc

I would Like to add that there are many other things I haven’t mentioned, but I wouldn’t like to spend your whole day, right? 

Driving Licence: Since 2006 – Category B (or normal Car + Bike)

Favorite Quote: “If you think we can’t change the world, it just means YOU are not one of those who WILL” – Jacque Fresco (1916-2017)  – The Legend.