Best Addons and UI to use for Battle for Azeroth in my opinion for PvE | PvP | Gold Farming | QoL in 2018!

I get a lot of questions like What is the Best UI and Addons to use for Battle for Azeroth, so Here is my Guide and Showcase of the Addons that I use and I think are the best.

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Flip-O-Matic – How to Make A LOT of Gold with Leatherworking & Scrapping in BFA

This leatherworking scrap BFA guide will present you the best and fastest way of gold making(with crafting) currently in the new expansion.

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How to Instant Respawn Mobs in WOW Easy to Farm Gold, Rares, Mounts, etc in BFA PrePatch 2018!

In this guide I will tell you exactly How to Instant Respawn Mobs, or Transfer Servers in order to farm Rares, Mounts, Gold, or avoid Farming Competition!

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WoW Classic Release Date, News, Server Start Patch & Features – June 2018 Update

Newest June 2018 update about Vanilla, or WoW Classic, has just arrived on the Blizzard official forums today. Is what they say REAL or it's just smokes and mirrors... ?!

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129+ World of Warcraft Books in Order | Reading / Chronological List 2018!

What if you could have a List of all the World of Warcraft Books, Novels, Audio, Video, Free PDFs, and even beyond that, that is Sorted in Chronological | Reading Order?