Best Addons and UI to use for Battle for Azeroth in my opinion for PvE | PvP | Gold Farming | QoL in 2018!

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What is the Best UI and Addons to use for Battle for Azeroth, or What addons I need for Gold Farming, or What is that arrow on the nameplates you got, What are those PvP / PvE timers you use?! Well, Here is my Guide and Showcase of the addons that I use and I think are the Best.

Blizzard has always kept the UI simple as possible with 2 goals in mind.

  1. To make it both approachable and intuitive for new players.
  2. Enable people to customize their UI and fill their toolbox with what they prefer using addons.


Here is what I use from addons and UI, what I believe performs the best in their field, and it’s great to have in the current expansion – Battle for Azeroth aka BFA:

  • AltzUI – One of my TOP favorite, if not TOP, UI packs, that features fully transparent frames, own settings panel and completely different look from the Blizzard Original look. What I think it makes it the best especially, is combinations of different features, that usually needs separate addons, are fully integrated, like: Consolidated Bags (Bagnon/Litebag alternative), Targetting Arrow on the nameplates (EKplates alternative), completely movable action bars with hover keybinds (Bartender/Dominos), and lots more. All of this allows this UI to take VERY LOW memory consumption, compared to having all the addons you need to install to achieve similar results. That allows it to deliver Speed and Stability over everything else, which is really important in competitive play like Arenas, Raiding, Mythic plus, etc.
  • Azeroth Auto Pilot – Free alternative to ZygorGuides (mentioned bellow). It optimizes the route of finishing the quests, in order to speed up the leveling and reduce the annoyance of doing repeatedly quests, by adding a list of quests that you should pickup and when you should pickup. Also puts a nice convenient Arrow on your screen so you can follow mindlessly 😀
  • Addon Control panel – A great addon panel that lets you create addons sets, so you can easily swap addons based on talent spec, character or zone. This allows you to not having ALL the addons that you have installed to use in every scenario, while you can still keep them enabled when you need. You don’t need TradeSkillMaster for Arenas right? That is what makes this addon great 🙂
  • BankStack – Sorts your inventory and bank on a different way that other addons does, rearranges and optimizes stacks, while also allowing you to ignore certain slots. I mean moving around the most commonly used items like Heartstone / Whistle / potions, everytime you sort is annoying imo. This addon allows u to change that!
  • BattlegroundEnemies – People that often do Random Battlegrounds or Rated Battlegrounds, will find this addon extremely useful, because it adds a frame to your screen, showing all the enemies, their role, health bars, how many people of your team are targetting that enemy, etc. It also allows you to set click keybinds, to quickly swap targets, set focus by right clicking them, and much more.
  • BigDebuffs – Enlarges the debuff icon on your raid frames, so you can spot debuffs easier. Especially handy if you are a healer.
  • BigWigs – One of the leading Boss encounter addons. It adds Cooldown Bars to your screen, Important boss mechanics Popup messages, voice guidance and alerts, countdowns, and much more!
  • bobFastLoot – This addon is not supported anymore. I recommend using AutoLootPlus instead. What it does is basically improves the speed of looting stuff, by not loading the looting frame, so it makes extra snappy looting when you have to farm and loot lots of minions. Cutting half second out of 100 mobs is 50 seconds saved already. Don’t waste your time. Get it.
  • Details – A powerful damage meter, that has extremely customizable interface and features. You can see some of them that I showcase in the video below.
  • Easy Scrap – See all the items you can scrap, queue items for scrapping, creates a keybind for scrap, ignore items, etc. All of those asking me what scrap addon I used For the Battle for Azeroth Flipping – Craft & Scrap Guide this is the addon.
  • EKplates – If you won’t use AltzUI, then this addon adds the cool nameplates from it, and also the Red Arrow that you might have noticed in my UI, telling you which mob u currently target.
  • flyPlateBuffs – Again, if you won’t use AltzUI, then this addon adds Debuffs, Enemy Cooldowns, and other info above the enemy nameplates. That gives extra convenience when you need that information, or when you need to multi target dot, or in Arena enviroment, when you have to notice the enemy cooldowns without the need of additional addons.
  • GatherMate 2  – Gather profession tracker for herbs, mines, fishing pools, archaeology sites and even treasures. It allows you to see all the gathering nodes on minimap and world map, which delivers great farming experience, not having to remember where you need to go to mine. You can import the WOWhead database too that people have collected over the years, through the GatherMate2_Data extra addon.
  • LiteBag – AltzUI have this integrated in the UI, but what it basically does is consolidating all the bags into one big container, and add extra make-up and stuff, like item glow, cleanup bags button, etc. I used Bagnon for a long time for that.. but I found this one, a bit more practical for my taste.
  • LittleWigs – A BigWigs module that offers the same functionality, but instead of raids, this is meant for all 5 man dungeons and scenarios.
  • LootAppraiser – Addon that keeps track of what you are looting and how much value it has. It also calculates how many items you’ve looted, how much time you’ve farmed, and how much gold that gives per hour. It might not be 100% accurate all the time, but it’s very convenient as approximate number to know that information sometimes 🙂 It requires Tradeskillmaster installed as dependancy to pull the pricing data, btw.
  • LootAppraiser_Challenge – this is LootAppraiser module, that allows you to invite your friends into LA challenge, competing against each other who looted more. It gives nice scoreboard to track that. People that have watched my Stream while I was farming back in days, they know that this addon has been one of my most used gold farming addons, because it’s fun! 😀
  • Masque – A skin for everything button based in your UI.
  • MinimapButtonBag – it takes all your minimap buttons, and puts them into a “bag”. That means simply replaces them with one button instead, that expands on click to show other buttons.
  • O Item Level (OiLvL) – Shows the people around you iLvL and adds aditional iLvL information in your character frame in wow. It might or might not slow down your game a bit in high populated scenarios like raids, battlegrounds, or moving around cities. I am not sure if this addon caused that for me, but after I disabled it, it was fine.
  • OwD UI – Overwatch UI. This is very fun addon that replaces your bars, cast bar, and target/player frames with Overwatch frames. Some people dislike it, I find it fancy !
  • Party Ability Bars – It tracks the cooldowns of your party members, like healing CDs, Combat Resses, etc. You can add / hide some cooldowns you want as well.
  • Raider.IO Mythic Plus – For people that create groups filled with randoms, this addon will help you a lot by showing those who sign up Mythic+ score, bosses killed, etc. It pulls the data from Raider.IO so you don’t have to alt tab all the time to check people up. It requires quite frequent updates as well, so it keeps track of the data, but with the Twitch App (mentioned below), that is a click of a button, and one game restart every 1-3 days.
  • Routes – Creates route on your map. It can auto crate it using Gathermate data, connecting the nodes together, or you can create your own routes. Quite Handy for gathering stuffs around.
  • SimPermut – I have made a guide on YouTube on this (here is link). It takes all the gear you have on you, and in bags, and by selecting the gear you want to test, in the Simpermut UI, you can then export the strings into SimulationCraft software or raidbots, to find the best gear that is available to you, performance-wise.
  • Simulationcraft – It takes all the gear from your bags and yourself, and creates a string that is easily importable to SimulationCraft software for simming. It’s very easy to use compared to SimPermut, but offers limited functionality.
  • Stat Weight Score – After you Simulate your char, the stat weights you are getting, you can import in this addon. Then it creates comparision between same type of items which one is better, based on the stats you’ve entered.
  • SUI – One of my Favorite Blizz-Like UI’s by FAR! It makes your original Blizzard frames dark, it improves the visibility of lots of the things, and offers great array of features. Some of them: Hover Keybinding, Grid for positioning your frames, custom cast bar, disable / enable some annoying features from blizzard that you can’t disable otherwise like Class Order Hall bar on the top, etc.
  • ServerHop – It was used for Server Hopping in order to respawn mobs, and camp rares. This addon doesn’t work as good anymore. I have made alternative guide on How to Instant Respawn Mobs in BFA for Farming, Camping Rares, etc. (It opens in new tab)
  • TomTom – Powerful navigation assistant, that allows you to set waypoints, to easily navigating around the map, using a convenient arrow to lead the way.
  • TradeSkillMaster – The best gold making addon for both casual and advanced gold farmers. It delivers extremely great functionality and customization, and that is why it deserves a separate guide on it’s own. Don’t worry… I am working on one! 😀
  • Vex Runes – Alternative runes tracker replacement for Death Knights that offers high customization.
  • WeakAuras 2 – Advanced and powerful addon that allows you to display highly customizable graphics that display buffs, debuffs, Cooldowns, lots of random trackers and a variety of information for anyone’s needs.
  • World Quest Tracker – A customized world quest tracker that helps you view and list world quests with ease.
  • ZygorGuides – Same as Azeroth AutoPilot above, but better and offers more functionality and variety of different guides like Bet Battle guides, Reputation Guides, War Campaign, etc. It is paid addon tho. I haven’t bought it myself as well.. it was a gift from viewer. I don’t know if I would tbh, if it wasn’t anyway. There is always a free alternative tho.



If you wish your addons to be updated automatically on a regular basis you should check out the Twitch app which offers you that service for free. All you need is a twitch account. Click here to download it.

Here is the Video with explanation and my opinion on Best Addons and UI to use for Battle for Azeroth in my opinion for PvE | PvP | Gold Farming | QoL:

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