129+ World of Warcraft Books in Order | Reading / Chronological List 2020!

List of The Best ULTIMATE – Full Lore – Collection of World of Warcraft Books, Movie, Videos, Cinematic, Novels, Comics, Manga, updated for 2018 and sorted by reading order - with chronological timeline of events

Imagine if someone could give you a List of ALL the Warcraft Books & Novels, and all you have to do is just obtain, follow along, don’t think which one goes first, which second?

or even better…

What if you could have a List of all the World of Warcraft Books, Novels, Audio, Video, Free PDFs, and even beyond that, that is Sorted in Chronological | Reading Order?

You have all of that in This Collection, plus couple extra bonuses on my tab, like:

  • coding that all, so you know exactly what type of resource you looking at.
  • Line them up by Years (Chronological | Reading Order)
  • DIRECT links to the easiest & cheapest (If free doesn’t apply) way to get the resources
  • Providing you Support on the way  [Just let me know down in the comments]
  • Coded Guide on How to Obtain the Books Cheapest way by buying the collections that are available, instead of 1 by 1.
  • World of Warcraft Collection that is stripped of all the BS, and straight to the point. –I don’t want to waste your time, I know you don’t want either.

Note: I will add a video tutorial on what some of the markings means in the following days, make sure to subscribe to the YouTube, if you havent’ already, to get notified.

Lets Go:

Beginning of the World:





-44 to -45:


























*Note: There are couple of gaps in the story that are revealed by playing the game, and finishing scenarios. I haven’t read the books yet, maybe they cover some part of it, but those who will play Battle for Azeroth will experience the full detail story of it.

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ALSO the New Books (Novels) “Elegy” and “A Good War” so far is known that they are coming as Physical Copy with Battle for Azeroth Collector’s Edition – (Amazon Links: US | UK | CA | DE | FR | IT | ES ) but source for buying them in physical form is unknown to me. However they are offered as Free PDF Downloads from the Official World of Warcraft Page on the following links:  (They open in New Tab)
A Good War – by Robert Brooks
Elegy – by Christie Golden

If anyone of you knows a source, when it comes up, let me know in the comments below and I will edit the post again.


List is done! 😀

Now we wait for more content to come out, and I will try to keep the list as updated as possible! As Battle for Azeroth is coming along, more Short Animated are announced. So keep an Eye for it!


Now It’s Your Turn!

I have spent 150+ hours on building this list for us guys… I would appreciate if you take 30 seconds and Let me know down in the Comments, what you think about the list, whether it helped you, and if you have any feedback, or suggestion for the future edits.

Also I am really interested which Part of the Warcraft Era you Liked the most?

  • Is the Beggining of the World?
  • Some of the Warcraft Campaigns?
  • Maybe World of Warcraft expansion? (Classic, TBC, Wrath, Cata, etc)?
  • Any of it I didn’t mentioned?

It would help the MOST for my future collection, and for me personally, what content you guys, were the most excited about!



WoW Forums


Youtube / Game Feedback

Hours and Hours Spent on Research & Optimization!



19.06.2018 – Thanks to all your feedback on Discord and Twitch, I have modified some of the links that were broken, re-arranged 1-2 books to fit better with the story, and upon your request I have added links for Different Regions to buy from Amazon as well. If there is anything else in future that is broken, can be better, or you just wanna give feedback, please… do it. I would love to modify stuffs, so we can make this list perfect. And just remember, You guys rock!

03.08.2018 – Thanks to Cassiopeia🦉 on Discord, for updating me with the new books and trailers, in timely manner I managed to add them and update some other parts of the playlist too, with the Battle for Azeroth Content (Warbringers, New Books, Cinematics, etc).




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  1. Leif

    Thank you so much! I’ve looked everywhere for this! Thanks! 😀

    1. UmrenTV

      Glad you liked it mate ! 😀 Always a pleasure to help!

  2. InadianaFrost

    I adore you for making this list! I’ve read some of the books in the past but always got confused because I didn’t read them in true chronological order. It’s awesome to see all the different media types here, too. I’m excited to dive in with all the extras! Thanks, love!

    P.S. I subbed your YT channel, too! 😉

    1. UmrenTV

      And I adore you for the super hype feedback you gave there.
      I really appreciate the fact that some of you are enjoying the things that I love doing, and glad that It can be helpful, and/or entertaining!
      Thanks for subbing to YouTube as well! Hope I will entertain / help you there as well 😀
      P.S. if you have any questions / suggestions, jump over to Discord and let me know as well! <3 (discord.gg/umrentv)

      Cheers Love!

  3. mmchavesp

    Mate this content is amazing! I have read almost all the books. Can you tell me if the chronicles are just a condensation of all books or are something new in them?? thanks a lot!

    1. UmrenTV

      @mmchavesp – From what I know, they are expanding the story and adding more details. Ofc there are some new stuffs you gonna find, but no idea how much, exciting, or impact-full, that will be for you 😀
      I would say if you got the time and want to expand a really nice detailed story, go for it ! 🙂

  4. Moortu

    I’m not sure if it’s smart to read all 3 chronicles before the other books.
    The chronicles give a broad overview of what happens, and thus it gives spoilers for other books.

    I even feel that the 1st chronicles book shouldn’t be finished, but rather be stopped around the time “the war of the ancients” in there. then read all the way to the sundering and then continue the 1st chronicles book.

  5. Orange.86

    Man, you are crazy, this is amazing, this is absolutely a great job.
    Wow, no one should miss this list.
    I will tell everyone to check this out.
    Thank you, Thank you dude

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