13 World of Warcraft Classic – Vanilla – Leveling / Launch / Gold Tips & Tricks

World of Warcraft Vanilla / Classic is launching in the next couple of days [27.08.2019] with some of my future classic guild mates, we made a guide / list of tips that will boost your leveling speed, help you survive ganks, pick a server / class, and generally be more efficient while playing the new edition of the old Classic experience.
Here is the Video, if you prefer watching:

13 World of Warcraft Classic – Vanilla – Leveling / Launch / Gold Tips & Tricks

1. Launch date of WoW Classic is exactly at 27.08.2019 midnight or 00:00 if you prefer. If you want to watch the countdown till servers are live, and prepare yourself, organize your schedule and get more information about the World of Warcraft Vanilla universe, here is link to the official World of Warcraft website:

2. Name Reservations are still available. If your name wasn’t available before when you tried, make sure you re-try again couple hours before launch, it might be. Why is that? Well a lot of servers got full and locked, meaning there are thousands of people that will get stuck into waiting queue on launch date. So Blizzard have launched new PvP/PvE servers to motivate people switch to other servers instead, leading to some of those players deleting their characters on previous servers, and moving on to the new ones. It might not mean anything, but it doesn’t cost anything to try again before launch.

3. Make sure to try and reserve your spot in some of the guilds before launch. Many of the guilds, even the more “hardcore” ones are recruiting new players, for leveling, grinding, raiding, and stuff in advance. Because everyone starts as blank slate on Classic World of Warcraft, and from scratch, you have better chance of joining in better guilds, than later when experience and tangible results will be required.
Being in a guild while leveling means a lot in Vanila WoW, because of the challenges that the game will lay down in front of you. It is nice to have community / friends that will keep your back safe, whether from ganking or hogger.
Another thing is Discord communities for specific servers. My server is Hydraxian Warlords on EU Horde side. RP server with medium size. The discord to that server is here: https://discord.gg/7aeFC7Z , but if you are not on the same, make sure to search on google for your specific server. It is handy to be in one, because many people recruit over there, sharing tips and tricks, reporting miss-behavior, and just chit-chatting and sharing unique experiences. It’s nice place to get some fresh frienderinos to have fun with.

4. How to Avoid Queue time on World of Warcraft Classic launch day? In this post from Blizzard they are announcing that the servers will be available to login before the actual launch to chill in the lobby and wait for the “Enter World” button to become active. So my suggestion is to login 30-60 minutes before the countdown goes to zero, and just move around the lobby every 5-10 minutes so you don’t get disconnected.

WoW Classic / Vanilla Avoid Queue Times and Launch Logins info

5. You have issues picking the right server for you? Well, if you haven’t decided yet, or you have no guild or something that binds you to specific server, from my personal experience playing this game since patch 0.9 and every expansion onward, I would say picking the medium populated server on start is not the wrong choice. Here is why: If you go on high population, you are going to face server crashes, a lot of competition for killing mobs and leveling, and much more issues. If you are one of those guys that have extra 20-25 bucks to spend on server transfer later, it’s not a biggie for you wherever you start.
Blizzard have announced that Server Transfers will be available later, same as it was back in days of original World of Warcraft Classic days. Here is the post:

WoW Classic / Vanilla Server / Realm transfer service to buy

That being said, you can go on high population server, reserve your name, levelup on low population, and then when you are ready, if you still want to, you can delete the reservation character and move your character over to your desired server.

6. You want to see which addons you can install, are available, and what they do in Classic Vanilla WoW 1.12? Fear not, there is solution for that. If you go over to the Twitch Application and press Mods on the top, and then select your game (World of Warcraft), on the top right corner you’ll notice a cogwheel button (Settings button). If you press there, there is button “Add a Game”. Navigate to your World of Warcraft folder, open the _classic folder, and press “Select Folder”.
Right next (on the left) of the cogweel button you pressed, there is a selection that you can make, whether you want to see the retail mods, or classic mods. If you select Classic, the list will refresh with all the addons available for Classic. You can read on the addons there, what they do, what addons there are, and make your selections. Watch the video for more info.

7. VERY important and useful stuff that I usually do while leveling is creating another character besides my main, that you’ll bring to the city, and close to Auction House, whenever you have some free time or break of leveling, and keep it there, as level 1.
Why is that? Well, since in WoW Vanilla, your bags are VERY limited, and you’ll see that “Inventory is Full” text on middle of your screen most of your gameplay, what you can do, is as you get some random materials while leveling your main, like meat, cloth, random green items and other stuff, you can send it over to your bank alt, to empty some of your bags, and so you can post stuff on Auction House instantly with 1 logout, without the need to run to city all the time, to visit Auction House.
Also more alts, gives you more banks, that you can collect items that can be useful later. Your bank is limited on your character, don’t limit yourself further, but rather think One Step Ahead!

8. Professions – Woah, this can be a long one but lets make it as short as it can be.
I have 3 combo profession suggestions that I think are Best Professions to have on World of Warcraft Classic for leveling, so here they are:
Engineering / Mining – This one is very specific and it’s mostly PvP on end game, but it can help you A LOT while leveling. Being able to pickup all the mining nodes while you level and transform them into something like bombs, granades, trinkes, toys and other stuff, can save your life countless times. You pull 3-4 enemies by mistake, and you see no way out? Throw a granade, stun them all and run like HELL. Same if being ganked by some sneaky rogue. Stun him with granade, and run / kill him. This combination of professions give you very unique edge, that your oponent might not have. Or if they do, at least evens out the playing field.
Alchemy / Herbalism – this combo is also very useful, because it allows you to pickup herbs while leveling, and transform them into long lasting benefits. Those benefits can be, but not limited to, Armor Elixirs, Health buffs, Agility/Strenght buffs, Mana potions, Health potions, Free Action Potions (removes crowd control), Speed boost, Water Walking, Swim Speed Boost, and much more. While Engineering have some unique tricks, that can stun opponents and give different style of gameplay, these are more sustained benefits that can make you level faster, make you stronger, and are more tangible on regular basis.
Enchanting / Tailoring – this combination is mostly for casters, namely Priest, Warlock, Mage, and are extremely useful, if not REQUIRED if you play some of these classes. Why I say that? Well you’ll notice while you are leveling up to level 10 or 15, you won’t have a chance of looting Wand as ranged weapon. Wands are very very strong additions to your gear, that are doing almost the same damage as your abilities, without the need to cast, but rather press “Shoot”. While wanding, you are not casting, which means your mana regeneration continue to regenerate, opposed to casting, and they produce very powerful play style at starting levels. So how you craft your wand? You’ll loot a lot of linen cloth in the starting zones while leveling. You funnel all that into crafting Bolt of Linen Cloth. When you reach certain skill, you’ll be able to craft Green Armor that is disenchantable with Enchanting. Disenchanting is getting your skill up on Enchanting and also provides Strange Dust / Magic Essence. As soon as you have skill enough to train your Lesser Magic Wand from Enchanting Trainer, you do that, buy some Simple Wood from Enchanting supplies, and you can craft your first wand at level 5-6. If you have friends that you are leveling with, and they have no need of the cloth they are looting, ask them to share some of it, so you can get your wand faster. You’ll be surprised how much more powerful you’ll be with a wand in your possesion.
After you get your wand, you can switch your professions into Alch/Herb or Engi/Mining.
Bonus Tip for Number 8: If you are warrior, rogue, hunter, mage, warlock, etc, in short class that doesn’t have healing on it’s own, get First Aid and Cooking at first contact with those trainers. It will allow you to do useful stuffs with your cloth / meats you are looting and provide excellent sustain while leveling. You can find those guys in capital cities or in some of the leveling areas. Craft some bandages, and use them. It can save your life more times that you can count.

9. While you are leveling, you’ll come across many quest rewards that have unique capabilities. Like “Skull of Impending Doom” for Example:

Skull of Impending Doom - Crowd Control WoW Classic breaking offhand

If used properly these types of items can mean life or death in many ocassions. Especially if you are getting ganked and being mocked by kept in polymorph or sap forever. Using this to damage yourself before getting crowd controled, can break the control, by damaging yourself and give you enough breathing room, to charge your opponent and be his Doom.
Also make sure, before selling or vendoring white quality items, or green and above, to open a wowhead.com tab in your browser always, and type the name of the item there. Some of the items you’ll come across are very rare, and hard to obtain later, when you need them, so make sure you know what item is used for what. Read the wowhead comments and see what people are saying about all the items. This way of looking at things is very useful and can help you find some unique items that people are not as aware of, and teach you information about the game, that will be crucial in obtaining gold for your mounts, gears, and a lot more than that, it will help you Learn The Game to it’s Core. Use WoWhead !

10. Gold is VERY important in WoW Vanilla. How to get gold while leveling? Ask no more. TLDR = Be Smart. How? Well every time you obtain gear or item you can sell, that is not HUGE upgrade for you, or the upgrade is marginal enough for you to not care about that much, send it to your bank alt. The sooner you post the items, the more value they will have. On the start of the expansion you can chip on some huge amount of gold, by selling item from your leveling, that people kept for themselves mostly. There are many players that are rushing for Realm First, World First, or just turbo running content so they reach endgame faster, that 1 piece of gear can be very valuable for them, while not as much for you. You can use on that. Post your items on Auction House for reasonable prices, and you’ll be surprised how much gold you can earn just by leveling in World of Warcraft Classic. You might be even able to buy your Riding Skill, Epic Riding Skill and mount all together before you even reach level 20 or 30! Don’t Work Hard, Work Smart! Be mindful and Stay One Step Ahead!

11. Don’t be a Dick. Remember, there are no name changes in Vanilla. You can find a way to do that, but it costs a lot more. Also, there are no Flying Mounts. Eventually everyone will meet and know everyone on a server. It’s a small micro world. Miss-behaving and provoking hatred towards you, won’t give you much benefit, compared to being polite and friendly. WoW Classic is a challenging world, that you’ll need a helping hand at some point. Trust me: Being appreciated is a lot more potent and beneficial, than being hated. Don’t make them hate you.
This version of the game is all about community, and who has more people that he can count on, whether it’s about PvP, PvE, farming, gold, or anything, really. I’ve played it through to it’s fullest once. It is cruel world if you become one of the Special Snowflakes that asks for unwanted attention, instead of showing your friendliness, respect, and good skills.
People are turning bad, because they can’t make anything out on the normal friendly way, so where they lack on skills, they compensate with bad behavior. Be the Better Man and Have Fun! You’ll appreciate that, and others will too!

12. Avoid addons that are malicious and harmful to the community. Especially bots, addons that communicate with eachother on harmful way, and really useless ones. Some examples would be, addons that are trying to locate other players, or these Looking for Group addons, or some bots. For One, is not cool to get banned. For Two, it is not cool when you go into Battleground and you want to have fun, and you are matched with 38 other bots that are trying to grind honor or whatever. I mean I can’t tell you what to do, you pay for the game, you do what you want. What I want to say is, Vanilla is a lot more time consuming and demanding game, compared to retail. You get banned on retail, you can make new account, buy Store Boost to max level and repeat. If you get banned on Vanilla, it’s not that easy, as you might imagine. Also it is not fair, nor good to community, nor to yourself. Trust me on this.

13. This one is not connected to Vanilla as much, but it’s highly affected by it. If you have items that are worth something on Retail, especially in big quantities, start selling. When Launch happens and people start slowly migrate on Classic, to try it, or to play as hardcore as it demands, you won’t have much buyers left, for the quantity you’ll be keeping. You can get a bit higher price now. Later when demand drops, you’ll be forced to sell for whatever price just to get rid of your stuffs. Collectioner items might still be worth something later as well, but you’ll be selling them at much slower rate, so trust me, and start selling 🙂

BONUS TIP: If you have some gold stored out on your account, that is meant for buying tokens, buy couple now. When people get away from retail slowly, the demand for tokens will stay same, because people will still want to play classic, but supply will drop dramatically, because people won’t spend 20$ to buy in-game gold on retail, since not many would like to play it. At least not at the current state. At least not compared to Classic.
Don’t buy 100 tokens, but 1-2 at least, if you got the gold for it, you should. Price will go up, and it might be an easy way to save up some gold, or benefit a free token or two on the long run. Again, this is My Own Token price prediction and it’s not written in a stone. I might be wrong. Mostly I am not, but I might be. Do it on your risk, but take my advice into consideration 🙂

For those curious, I will be playing on Europe Server, Hydraxian Warlords, which is RP server , on the Horde side, and we’ll be making a guild over there for friends, Twitch viewers and just whoever wants to join and chill. If you want to join, after the launch I will edit this post and give you discord link and all of the guild, but for now, you can join over to our stream on twitch.tv/umren hit the follow button, and join on the Launch day, where I will be leveling 24 hours with you all. I will give you all the info there.
I don’t want to disclose the name of the guild yet, because someone might get it, just to troll me 😀

Also if you want to communicate with me, feel free to join on our Discord [Opens in New Tab]

If you want to support me and my content, my Patreon is always open for fellow brothers and sisters, who want to help me pay a bill or two, and are enjoying our content on the website, and / or over at youtube.com/umrentv .
Whoever decided to spare some beer, chewing gum money on Patreon, I want to say Thank you from the bottom of my heart in advance!

Have a Safe and Exciting Journey on Azeroth and Hope to meet you around, on this or the Other Side! Be Well!

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