WoW Classic Release Date, News, Server Start Patch & Features – June 2018 Update

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Newest June 2018 update about Vanilla, or WoW Classic, release date update, delays, starting features, patch and news  has just arrived.

The Blizzard official forums have spoken, so I felt like giving my 2 cents on it.


Here is my brief summary & opinion on it. In this post I will decipher what their post means, in my opinion, and you can share yours too!


Read the Full Forum Post: “WoW Classic Release Date, News, Server Start Patch & Features – June 2018 Update” and share your feedback on what you think about it.



With that post I would love to express my feelings on it, and give you some insights on whether this is real or it’s another marketing strategy full of smokes and mirrors.

BFA is coming… so time is running, are they trying to buy time?!


I wouldn’t like to go into much detail in this Blog Post about the opinion, since I have already made a REALLY long WoW classic forum Post on it.

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Thanks for reading up guys, and thanks for staying amazing ! 😀

Can’t wait to see what you have to say about it!


Here is the Short Video with my opinion on it, if you are not fan of reading: Classic Release Date, News, Server Patch & Features – June 2018 Update – REAL or BS?!

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